Between Modern and Classical Hebrew: Academic Teaching of Hebrew - Studies and Practical Applications

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July 8, 2018 to July 12, 2018
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Humanities, Jewish History / Studies, Languages, Linguistics, Middle East History / Studies

Between Modern and Classical Hebrew

Academic Teaching of Hebrew - Studies and Practical ApplicationS


Jerusalem, 8-12 July 2018 / 25-29 Tammuz 5778


Workshop Director:  Dr. Moshe Kahan,

Chair, Hebrew Language Department, Orot Israel Academic College of Education.

Department of Hebrew Language, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem


The International Center for University Teaching of Jewish Civilization is pleased to announce that it is now accepting applications for this year’s session of the Continuing Workshop on University Teaching of Hebrew Language. The workshop will take place in Jerusalem on 8-12 July 2018 / 25-29 Tammuz 5778, and will focus on the relationship between Modern and Classical Hebrew, with special attention to practical teaching strategies.

The International Center's workshops on University Teaching of Hebrew Language are designed to meet the interests of the professors of Hebrew in universities outside of Israel and to provide theoretical knowledge and practical tools relevant for their teaching. The workshop includes meetings with scholars, lecturers and Hebrew teachers from Israel and abroad. There will also be sessions with small groups of colleagues held in an informal setting, aimed to promote fruitful discussion and interchange of ideas.

This year the workshop will deal with the similarities and differences between modern spoken and written Hebrew in Israel and the Hebrew of the classical sources, through its different periods. Many teachers find it difficult to answer the question whether the Hebrew we speak is indeed the language of the ancient sources or not. In the workshop we will focus on various semantic, syntactic, and morphological aspects that distinguish Modern Hebrew from the language of different classical sources, as well as those that are shared. Alongside the theoretical review, we will address the practical aspects of teaching Hebrew as both an ancient and modern language.  The lectures, round-table discussions, and practical seminars will concentrate on planning lessons and enriching teaching methods.

The workshop is conducted in cooperation with the Division of Hebrew Language Instruction at the Rothberg International School for Overseas Students. Workshop participants will have an opportunity to observe classes conducted by the Division teachers and to hold joint discussions on various issues connected to Hebrew teaching. The workshop program will include a visit to the Academy of the Hebrew Language, also a co-organizer of the workshop, where there will be lectures and presentations by the Academy staff.  In the varied sessions of the workshop, participants will, of course, be welcome to discuss their own teaching experience. In addition, participants will tour the National Library, and receive detailed bibliographic instruction in all the various databases related to the teaching of Hebrew, Israel and Judaism.


General information:

  • Participation is limited to a small number of university teachers of Hebrew language, chosen from applicants from all over the world.
  • The costs of accommodation, board, and travel to and from Israel are the responsibility of participants or their sponsoring institutions.
  • The fee for participation in the workshop is $350.


Interested applicants should submit a CV by e-mail or fax to:


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