Writing Class Canada: Public Engagement and Politics in the New Class History, 13-14 April 2023 on Zoom

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April 13, 2023 to April 14, 2023
Ontario, Canada
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British History / Studies, Colonial and Post-Colonial History / Studies, European History / Studies, Race Studies, Social History / Studies

Join us for the online workshop, Writing Class Canada: Public Engagement and Politics in the New Class History, 13-14 April 2023 on Zoom.

Writing Class is an international workshop series that launched in 2022. The objectives of Writing Class are two-pronged: first, it brings together historians of Britain and British colonialism to interrogate our use of class as a theoretical concept and tool. Second, we’re invested in redeveloping scholarly histories of class into public-facing projects, including op-eds, trade books, and youth writing. Our objectives are that we have productive conversations about historians’ use of 'class,' the realities of class for people today, and ways that academic historians can write and talk about class in ways that are relevant and real for members of the public. The focus of Writing Class Canada is podcasting, storytelling, and oral forms of engagement.

Sessions include discussions with:

  • Urvashi Chakravarty
  • Mark Hailwood
  • Katie-Hindmarch Watson
  • Kennetta Hammond Perry
  • Laura Schwartz

We’re also pleased to feature talks from Diarmaid Kelliher, co-convener of Writing Labour History in Brexit Britainand Jessica Ann Levy, host of Who Makes Cents, on public history podcasts.

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For more details, please visit the Writing Class website, www.writingclass.work

Questions? Please contact Jessica P. Clark at jclark3@brocku.ca or Amanda Herbert at amanda.herbert@durham.ac.uk.

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Jessica P. Clark, Brock University, jclark3@brocku.ca

Amanda Herbert, Durham University, amanda.herbert@durham.ac.uk

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