Berlin Program Summer Workshop: Crisis and Transformation, July 5-6, 2023 -- Apply by April 10, 2023

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Call for Papers
July 5, 2023 to July 6, 2023
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European History / Studies, German History / Studies, Humanities, Art, Art History & Visual Studies, Social Sciences

Few moments would seem to better represent the possibilities of “crisis” and “transformation” than the current one: global pandemics, war, accelerated climate change, widespread racial and social injustice, rising authoritarianism, and more. A closer look, however, reveals almost equally ubiquitous references throughout history to crisis as well as to its possibly transformative effects.

What causes a “crisis”? What roles do narrative and ideological frameworks play in representing, possibly even exacerbating, a crisis? How do cultural, historical, political, racial, geographic, sexual, linguistic, gendered, or aesthetic perceptions of crisis differ across time and space? How is crisis intertwined with a search for renewal, reform, catharsis – and ultimately with transformation?

The term “crisis,” which came into its own in the late eighteenth century, has been described by some as a modern idea, with the “crisis of modernity” sometimes described as a Dauerzustand – a constant, ongoing condition. Scholars, journalists, artists, and cultural figures, however, increasingly have sought to examine the concept of “crisis” and its history in unique ways, and in greater breadth and depth, in order to provide a better understanding of the origins and context of crises and the possibilities for concomitant transformations.

The 2023 Berlin Program Summer Workshop at Freie Universität Berlin, Germany, will examine the concepts of “crisis” and “transformation” by bringing together established and emerging scholars working on diverse projects at various stages of development. The forum values and celebrates interdisciplinary and innovative approaches, as well as underrepresented or marginalized voices in established disciplines. Submissions for projects in any stage of development are welcome, as are proposals from a wide variety of disciplines, including political science, art history, economics, languages and literature, history, sociology, media studies, psychology, and cultural studies, among others.

APPLICATION & DEADLINE: Submit one PDF file containing a 250-word abstract including five key words, a two-page c.v., and a 150-word bio by April 10, 2023 to bprogramATzedatDOTfu-berlinDOTde

FORMAT: The workshop is focused on creating dialogue and knowledge across and among disciplines. The event which serves as a forum for Berlin Program fellows and alumni invites participation of all other interested scholars. In order to give substantial time to exchanges and discussion, papers will be pre-circulated and participants are asked to read them prior to the workshop. At the workshop, scholars will present their work for ten minutes.

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