35th Annual Symposium on Jewish Civilization: The Jewish Diaspora and the Promised Land

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Call for Papers
May 1, 2023
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Jewish History / Studies, Religious Studies and Theology

The Klutznick Chair (Creighton University), the  Kripke Center (Creighton University), the  Harris  Center  (University  of  Nebraska-Lincoln), and  the Schwalb  Center (University  of  Nebraska at Omaha) announce  their 35th  Annual Symposium  on Jewish Civlization, October  22-23, 2023,  in Omaha, Nebraska.   The  title is "The  Jewish Diaspora and the  Promised Land: Origins, Developments,  Future Prospects."

Taken together, accepted  presentations will cover many time periods from  the  biblical  era to  the modern world and a range of media,  genres,  and approaches.

Support for presenters'  transportation  and accommodation will  be  provided.  Presenters  will also submit a written version  of  their presentation for  an  edited, thematic volume as part  of  the  Studies in Jewish Civilization Series  (Purdue  University  Press).

Proposals should contain a 250-word  abstract and  a CV  and be submitted by  May 1 to  Leonard  Greenspoon,  Klutznick Chair, at  ljgrn@creighton.edu.


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