Call for Abstracts: Gendered North Korean Migration: Resilience and Survival in the Face of Violence

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Call for Papers
March 22, 2023 to April 11, 2023
Korea South
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Area Studies, Korean History / Studies, Peace History / Studies, Political Science, Social Sciences

Gendered North Korean Migration: Resilience and Survival in the Face of Violence 

May 2024 Special Issue

Asian Journal of Peacebuilding

Increased number of individuals from conflict-ridden and economically deprived regions migrate to survive, but the migration process itself often threatens their safety and security and expose them to violence. Studies which examine human security through the lens of gender and intersectionality seek to understand the causes, manifestations, and impacts of multiple forms of vulnerability and violence experienced differently by migrants, and discuss possible and just ways to support them. Guided by these approaches, this special issue focuses on the group of North Korean migrants. It provides an overview of the insecurity and violence that they face, which are primarily inflicted upon women and young girls throughout their migratory process of departure, transit, deportation, detention, and resettlement. At the same time, rather than portraying North Korean migrants as only powerless victims, this issue also explores their gendered strategies for survival and empowerment, as well as their political actions in support of other North Koreans.

This journal welcomes contributions of original empirical and theoretical work using various approaches to analyze gendered North Korean migration.

Possible topics for submission include, but are not limited to:

Border controls and gendered experiences of forced repatriations

The gendered dimensions of human trafficking, forced labor, and other forms of exploitation

Detention of displaced North Koreans in South Asian countries

International concerns and actions on North Korean women’ s human rights.

The impact of Cold War politics on the resettlement policies and practices in South Korea

The conflicts between migrants and host communities

Representations of North Korean migrant women in the media

Separated families and North Korean women’s long distance motherhood

Gendered survival strategies and empowerment of North Korean migrants

North Korean migrants’ political participation in advancing human rights and building peace

Please submit abstracts of 300 words and a short biographical note of 100 words by email to no later than April 10, 2023. Selected abstracts will be notified by April 20, 2023 and the full paper of 6,000-10,000 words needs to be submitted for peer review by September 05, 2023. Once an article is accepted for publication in the Asian Journal of Peacebuilding, a one-time honorarium of 1,000,000 won will be paid upon actual publication in May 2024. For any questions about this, please contact the special issue Editor, Eunyoung Christina Choi (


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