[National Library of Korea] 「2023 Overseas Korean Studies Librarian Workshop」 Application Open!

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 [National Library of Korea][2023 Overseas Korean Studies Librarian Workshop] Application Open!


The National Library of Korea will hold the [2023 Overseas Korean Studies Librarian Workshop] for about 20 Korean Studies librarians.


The workshop aims to improve expertise in Korean studies library management and share Korean studies library trends through lectures given by experts related with Korean Studies and Library and Information Science, discussions and presentations given by participants.


Started in 2005, the workshop celebrates its 16th anniversary this year and will be held at the National Library of Korea in Banpo-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul, from October 23(Mon) to October 27(Fri).


To apply for the workshop, please complete the application form and submit it via email by Friday, April 14, 2023.


* URL  https://inkslib.nl.go.kr/IN/contents/I10200000000.do?schM=view&act=UPDATE&page=1&ordFld=regdt&ordBy=DESC&viewCount=10&id=45410&schBdcode=&schGroupCode=&notice=inkslibNotice01

* e-mail: nlkworkshop1@gmail.com or inkslib@korea.kr


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