CFP Eikón Imago Vol. 13 2024

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Art, Art History & Visual Studies, Contemporary History, Cultural History / Studies, Fine Arts, Popular Culture Studies

Eikón / Imago Vol 13. 2024

Monographic issue: The frontiers of art history and visual studies. Thoughts on their object of study.

Special Guest Editor: Gorka López de Munain (UNED – Vitoria-Gasteiz).

Deadline for the submission of full articles: 30/06/2023.

Keywords: Art History, Visual Culture, Visual Studies, Bildwissenschaft, Interdisciplinarity, Art and Technology.

Eikón / Imago (ISSN: 2254-8718), is a Open Access, peer reviewed scientific journal edited by the Complutense University of Madrid. The research interest of this journal is focused on iconography in a broad sense, with a thematic coverage that encompasses the forms and meanings of images from any era, culture or country, as well as any thematic, typological or disciplinary variant of iconography.

Eikón / Imago is open to receive original contributions for its monographic issue until June 30, 2023. In addition, our Miscellany section is available for all interested authors who want to submit contributions related to the areas of art, art history, visual studies and iconography, and remains open all year round. Likewise, our Book reviews section is open to all authors who want to share their review of published books within the aforementioned disciplines. Submitted articles are evaluated in a double-blind peer review by external researchers, a process that ensures the anonymity of authors and reviewers, and, consequently, the quality of the published work.

Eikón / Imago is indexed in important databases and directories such as Scopus by Elsevier or Emerging Sources Citation Index (ESCI) by Thomson Reuters, as well as in Dialnet Metrics, Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ), Google Scholar, ÍnDICEs-CSIC, InfoBase, REDIB, ROAD, Regesta Imperii, MLA, ERIH Plus, Latindex, MIAR or SHERPA / ROMEO, among others; and has been awarded with the Quality Seal of Scientific Journals by FECYT (Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology).

The 2024 issue will be published on January 2024 and it will be the first in which our journal adopts the continuous publication model, in which articles will be made available on our open access platform right as they successfully pass the double-blind peer review evaluation and the editorial process, without waiting for the publication of the full issue.

Check the full CFP text here.

Proposals for the monographic issue can concentrate on the following subjects, as well as other related themes:      

  • Theoretical reflections on the actuality of Visual Studies, Bildwissenschaft, Bildanthropology or similar fields and their relationship with art history.
  • The role of interdisciplinarity in art history studies.
  • The relationship between artistic practices, biology and technology (bio-art, immersive images and experiences, images created by artificial intelligences, etc.).
  • The development and assessment of new methodologies oriented to the integration of the so-called minor arts or non-artistic works within the fields of interest of art history and visual studies.
  • The chronological framework of this monograph does not contemplate closed limits, since it seeks to know and explore the current state of disciplinary reflections on the object of study through the widest possible perspective; from the remote prehistoric artistic manifestation, through classical antiquity and the medieval and modern ages until contemporary productions.

Formal requirements:

Authors can consult the journal's full guidelines here.

Articles may be written in Spanish, English, French, German, Italian or Portuguese.

Eikón / Imago is an Open Access journal and as such does not charge any fees for publication.

Eikón / Imago is managed via OJS (Open Journal Systems). Authors must register with the role of "Author" in this link. Works will be submitted digitally through the platform in editable files (.odt; .doc; .rtf) and must be thoroughly anonymized.

Articles for the Monographic issue and Miscellany sections should not exceed  25 pages in extension, which is roughly equivalent to 75,000 characters, including spaces, summary, notes and bibliography. Book reviews should not exceed 3 pages of extension, equivalent to about 9,000 characters with spaces.

Articles must be headed by a title, abstract and keywords in the text's original language, as well as in a second language (a Spanish translation for articles written in English, an English translation for articles written in Spanish, French, German, Italian or Portuguese).

Authors should provide in a separate document the following data: email address, institutional affiliation (if any) and ORCID profile. No other personal data is required for publication. Authors are not required to be affiliated to any educational institution to publish in Eikón / Imago.

Bibliographical references and quotes must adhere to the Chicago Manual of Style 17 (footnotes and bibliography variant).

Authors shall guarantee that any included images in the text files are free of payment for copyright, either for having already honoured such payment, or because the images are free to reproduce. Within the text, they must cite their source, as well as their authorship.


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