**Extended Deadline** Call for Chapters - Autobiographical Writing and Fan Fiction in Education

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Call for Papers
May 22, 2023
United Kingdom
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Biography, Childhood and Education, Popular Culture Studies, Philosophy

Call for Contributions


[Auto]biographical Writing, Fan Fiction and Education


German philosopher Wilhelm Dilthey noted the educational value of [auto]biographical writing as a means of understanding life, bound up in hermeneutic knowing:  an intuitive route to understanding based on our situated human-ness, rather than on knowledge based on certainty or probability (Friesen, 2020). Certainly, Dilthey was not the first to note this enduring pedagogical quality of the autobiography as, in the 18th century, Benjamin Franklin had already offered his autobiography as a model of a life “fit to be imitated” (cited in Jacobson, 2018). Although mimetic modelling and hermeneutic knowing cannot be easily reconciled, it is clear that both rely on a degree of introspection and introjection.

Fan fiction, on the other hand, is a fictional novum, which is closely linked to the genre of [auto]biographical writing. Amateur writers feel strongly linked to already established characters, placing them into new situations and, via their own understanding of the world, they write about the characters’ lives, loves and experiences in a speculative way. There is introspection here, in terms of the hermeneutic endeavour of interpreting the character via one’s own context and experience; and there is introjection as the writers seek to model the persona of the fictional character in their own writing.

In this proposed publication, we are seeking chapters which address the relationship between [auto]biographical writing and fan fiction, and both of these in relation to education. Suggestions for contributions include (but are not limited to):


  • Pedagogical uses of autobiography/fan fiction
  • Autobiography/fan fiction as pedagogical reduction
  • Self-reflection in autobiographical writing/fan fiction
  • Representation of identities/intersectional identities
  • Hermeneutic knowing and writing in autobiography/fan fiction


Although this work will consider autobiographical and fan fiction from an educational slant, contributions are not limited to scholarship in the field of education. Ideas from across disciplines are encouraged. Papers can be theoretical or empirical in scope.

If you are interested in contributing a chapter, please submit a 500 word abstract by May 22nd 2023 to:

Nicola Robertson n.robertson@strath.ac.uk

Yueling Chen yueling.chen.2018@uni.strath.ac.uk

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Dr Nicola Robertson, University of Strathclyde, n.robertson@strath.ac.uk

Yueling Chen, University of Strathclyde, yueling.chen.2018@uni.strath.ac.uk

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