CONF: "Habsburg Jewry in the Silver Age" (Jerusalem, June 5-6, 2016)

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June 5, 2016 to June 6, 2016
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Eastern Europe History / Studies, European History / Studies, Jewish History / Studies, Modern European History / Studies, Nationalism History / Studies
“Habsburg Jewry in the Silver Age”

Conference in Honor of Michael K. Silber

June 5-6, 2016

Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel School for Advanced Studies in the Humanities, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Mt. Scopus

Sunday, June 5
Barbara Mandel Auditorium 

10:00 – 10:30 Opening Remarks

Chair: Shaul Stampfer (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

Dror Wahrman, Dean of the Faculty of Humanities

Noah Hacham, Head of the Department of History of the Jewish People and Contemporary Jewry

Oded Irshai, Head of Mandel Institute of Jewish Studies

Session 1: 10:30 – 12:00   Habsburg Jewish Identities

Chair: Steven Aschheim (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

Hillel J. Kieval (Washington University in St. Louis, US)
“Empire, Emancipation, and the Invention of Ethnicity: The Jews of Austria-Hungary, 1867-1914”

Marsha Rozenblit (University of Maryland, US)
"Jews and Cities: Rethinking the Urban Experience of Jews in the Habsburg Monarchy"

Miklós Konrad (Institute of History, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest, Hungary)
"A Pervasive Myth and its Political Uses: Galician Jewish Immigration in Dualist Hungary"

Session 2: 2:00 – 3:30   Crossing Boundaries

Chair: Manuela Consonni (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

Michael L. Miller (Central European University, Budapest, Hungary)
“Frankism in Moravia”

Pawel Maciejko (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
"On a Kabbalistic Amulet of Giacomo Casanova"

Erzsébet Mislovics (University of Szeged, Hungary)
“The Conversion of Hungarian Jews to Christianity in Hungary and Vienna, 1746-1850”

Session 3: 4:00 – 5:30    Beyond the Habsburg Lands (in Hebrew)

Chair: Claude (Dov) B. Stuczynski (Bar Ilan University)

Yosef Kaplan (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
"The Sephardic and Portuguese 'Nobility' in the Communities of the 'Nation' in the 17th Century"

Richard Cohen (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
“Imagining the Fighting Jew in Modern European Culture and History (1781-1918)”

Maoz Kahana (Tel Aviv University)
“Royal History: Emperors and Noblemen in Rabbinic Eyes”

Monday, June 6
Seminar Room 520

Session 4: 9:30 – 11:00   Was There a Habsburg Haskalah?

Chair: Immanuel Etkes (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

Israel Bartal (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
“Eighteenth Century Haredi Haskala? Abraham Jacob Brawer reads Dov Ber of Bolechow”.

Lois Dubin (Smith College, US)
“Habsburg Jewish Enlightenment in Two Voices: Benedetto Frizzi and Herz Homberg on Divorcees, Kohanim, and Halakhah”

Sylvie Anne Goldberg (L'École des hautes études en sciences sociales, Paris, France)
“Are We Still All Brothers? The Impact of the Haskalah upon Jewish Brotherhoods”

Session 5: 11:30 – 1:00  Bons mots and Belles Lettres à la hongroise

Scott Ury (Tel Aviv University)

Mary Gluck (Brown University, US)
“The Meaning and Function of the Jewish Joke in Fin-de-Siècle Budapest”

Sarah Yanovsky (Jerusalem, Israel)
“Simon Szánto: A Hungarian Publicist and Pedagogue in Vienna”

János Kőbányai (Budapest, Hungary)
"Avigdor Hameiri and the Hungarian Roots of Modern Israeli Culture"

Session 6: 2:30 – 3:30  The Habsburg State and Jewish Modernity

Chair: Ephraim Chamiel (Jerusalem, Israel)

Rachel Manekin (University of Maryland, US)
“Habsburg Jews and the State: The Long and Winding Road towards a Definition of the Relationship”

Louise Hecht (Palack‎‎ý University, Olomouc, Czech Republic)
"Female Education in the Habsburg Monarchy between Private and Public Interests, 1785-1849"

Session 7: 4:00 – 5:00   Austria-Hungary and the Land of Israel

Chair: Adam Ferziger (Bar Ilan University)

Dmitry Shumsky (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
"Austria-Hungary and Its Afterlife in the Zionist Political Imagination"

András Sziklai-Spitzer (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
“Miksa Szabolcsi on Political Zionism, Territorialism and on Jewish Settlement in the Land of Israel"

5:30 – 7:00    Festive Reception in honor of Michael K. Silber:  

Organized with the support of:

The Leslie and Vera Keller Foundation for the Enhancement of the Jewish Heritage

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem: Cherrick Center for the Study of Zionism, the Yishuv and the State of Israel; The Center for Research
on the History and Culture of Polish Jewry; Mandel Institute of Jewish Studies; Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel School for Advanced Studies in the Humanities; Faculty of the Humanities; Cardinal Koenig Senior Lectureship in Austrian Studies; Center for Austrian Studies, European Forum at the Hebrew University

The Lester and Sally Entin Faculty of Humanities, Tel Aviv University

S.R. Hirsch Chair for Research of the Torah with Derekh Erez Movement, Israel and Golda Koschitzky Department of Jewish History and
Contemporary Jewry, Bar-Ilan University

Austrian Embassy, Israel; Europe, Integration, Foreign Affairs Federal Ministry, Republic of Austria
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