Etel Adnan, «A house is the seat of one's impatience»

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Call for Publications
February 15, 2018
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Arabic History / Studies, Art, Art History & Visual Studies, Colonial and Post-Colonial History / Studies, Literature, Women's & Gender History / Studies

Thus I got used to standing between situations,

to being a bit marginal and still a native.


The scholarly journal «Trasparenze» (ed. by San Marco dei Giustiniani, Genoa, Italy) announces a call for papers for a special issue on Etel Adnan (Beirut, 1925), a Lebanese-American poet, essayist, and visual artist, a polymath crossing many different dimensions and writing across languages.


Papers pertaining to the following topics are welcome:

1. Essays: preliminary surveys about Adnan's biography and artistic career, about her multilingual work as a poet [From A to Z, 1982; In/Somnia, 2002], a novelist [Sitt Marie Rose, 1978], a documentary maker [Maroc, l’Artisanat créateur, 1983], and a visual artist [Etel Adnan: The Weight of the World, 2016].

2. Archive: articles about unpublished works, epistolaries, early works not recently republished, the construction of an archive as way of narrating the self.

3. Visual studies: articles about Adnan's visual production, from figurative depictions to abstract works, including artist's books [The Spring Flowers Own & The Linden Trees Cycle, 2011] and intersections between text and image («I paint in Arabic»), with a special focus on visual-verbal interactions and on the relation between iconic and pictorial sign [Apocalypse arabe, 1980].

4. Translation: writings, rewritings and self-translations, analyses of Italian translations [Viaggio al monte Tamalpais, 1993; Nel cuore del cuore di un altro paese, 2010], unpublished and original translations [Moonshots, 1966; Five Senses for One Death, 1971; Jebu suivi de L’express Beyrouth-Enfer, 1973; Pablo Neruda is a banana tree, 1982 ecc.], intermedial transpositions.

5. Didactics: a potential didactic use of Adnan's work, in a multidisciplinary perspective, in primary and secondary schools, with a focus on Adnan's “mediterranean” figure considered as a vehicle for integration and multiculturalism, in order to promote the development of European competences and citizenship (OJ of the European Union, 2006); Etel Adnan in academic programmes.


You are invited to submit abstracts (not exceeding 10 lines) by 15 February, 2018

Submissions of the selected articles (not exceeding 30.000 characters, including spaces) are due by 30 April, 2018


Editor in chief: Nicola Ferrari

Editors: Samuele Fioravanti, Lucilla Lijoi, Martina Morabito, Stella Poli

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Martina Morabito