Webinar 'Civil Engagement Transfers between Eastern Europe and the Low Countries, 1933-1989'

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March 1, 2023
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Eastern Europe History / Studies, European History / Studies, Social History / Studies

Civil Engagement Transfers between Eastern Europe and the Low Countries, 1933-1989 Agency and action in Czech, Slovak, Hungarian and Polish émigré communities during the Cold War.

Webinar, 1 March 2023, 16-18 h. CET

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The team behind the project “Émigré Europe” are glad to announce a special webinar celebrating the launch of the project’s public heritage exhibition at kadocheritage.be. This online exhibition contains a selection of contributions produced by the project’s partners, outlining a wealth of civil society mobilizations by Central and Eastern European migrants in the Low Countries during the period 1933-1989. The exhibition’s purpose is to emphasize the potential that forgotten stories like these can play in curating the heritage, commemorating, and documenting the histories of the unique circumstances that these Central European émigré communities faced, living in Belgium and the Netherlands, during this tumultuous period of modern history. The webinar is scheduled for Wednesday 1 March 2023 from 16:00-18:00, and the team is delighted to host three notable keynote speakers who have demonstrated expertise in the fields of migration history and civil society during the Cold War.


Chair: Dr. Jessie Labov, Corvinus University

16:05 – Introduction of the CELSA project “Émigré Europe” (Prof. Kim Christiaens, KADOC-KU Leuven)

16:10 – Introduction of the online heritage exhibition (Luke Dodds, KADOC-KU Leuven)

16:20 – Social and political mobilizations of Poles in Belgium, 1945-1989 (Prof. Idesbald Goddeeris, KU Leuven)

16:40 – A gender perspective on the self-mobilisation of migrants, their history and memory (Prof. Machteld Venken, University of Luxembourg)

17:00 – East-West migrant frameworks in twentieth-century Europe* (Prof. Anna Mazurkiewicz, University of Gdańsk)

17:20 – Audience questions and discussion

17:50 – Concluding remarks (Dr. Jessie Labov, Corvinus University)

“Émigré Europe” is a transnational research project between four equal members of the Central Europe Leuven Strategic Alliance (CELSA) research initiative. More information on “Émigré Europe” can be found on the KADOCKU Leuven research website here.

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Luke Dodds, KADOC-KULeuven, Vlamingenstraat 39, B-3000 Leuven, Belgium

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