CFPs 'Teaching Digital Cultures: Objects, Boundaries, and Techniques' article collection

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Call for Papers
January 1, 2018 to August 31, 2018
United Kingdom
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Teaching and Learning, Sociology, Social Sciences, Humanities, Digital Humanities


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Editor: Dr Matt Hayler (University of Birmingham)

This online article collection ('special issue') will explore the issues and opportunities inherent in teaching Digital Cultures in Humanities departments. It aims to bring together examples of pedagogical practice that might function as models for teachers at all levels whilst also assessing the nature of the discipline. What is “Digital Cultures?”. How is it different from work in the Digital Humanities? What are the objects of study, the boundaries of the discipline, and what might be required to teach it effectively? 

The aim is not to represent the final word on these questions, but to show how they are being asked, and asked productively, by the current generation of scholars and students working in tandem and embedded in the very thing that they are analysing: a post-digital cultural setting with its attendant artefacts and effects.

Contributions are invited from a range of international and (multi/inter)disciplinary perspectives, including: the humanities, digital humanities and contemporary studies. Insights from allied areas of enquiry, such as computer science, psychology, law, politics, and bioethics, will also be welcomed.

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Article proposals should be submitted to the editorial team by March 2018. Full submissions received by August 2018 will be considered for publication as part of the collection’s formal launch.

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