"Gameplay in Teaching and Research": Call for Abstracts, GSA Seminar, Montreal, Oct. 5-8, 2023

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Call for Papers
March 3, 2023
United States
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European History / Studies, German History / Studies, Holocaust, Genocide, and Memory Studies, Modern European History / Studies

German Studies Association Seminar 2023: "Gameplay in Teaching and Research" is calling for online proposals. Submission deadline is March 3, 2023.

The first ever gameplay seminar at the German Studies Association Annual Conference is excited to seek proposals from applicants for "Gameplay in Teaching and Research" at the 2023 Annual Conference in Montreal on October 5-8, 2023. Participants will work together to integrate methods and lessons from Game and German Studies through analysis of contemporary, historically-themed games. Gameplay provides opportunities for textual engagement, collaboration, and community in the classroom. Similarly, the phenomenon of gameplay as an area of scholarly analysis as observer and participant-observer creates new areas for understanding collective, playful narration of the past and present. During three daily sessions, participants and conveners will engage in theoretical and practical discussions of the relevance of analog games - boardgames, cardgames, roleplaying games, and other "offline" forms of organized play - to teaching and research. Seminar participants will be guided in a discussion of play as an area of scholarly analysis and pedagogical praxis.

During the three days of the seminar, participants will present a short, five-minute analysis of a game of their choice, engage in critical discussion of examples of game studies scholarship, play representative non-digital games together (planned examples include Black Orchestra (2016), Secret Hitler (2016), and Shadow Carnival (2017)), and reconvene to digest their experiences and build individual and shared pathways for future gameplay in research and the classroom.

We are looking forward to proposals for this seminar. Please submit an abstract describing the nature of your contribution to the seminar (500 words max), as well as a short biography (300 words max). Click here for access to the portal through the German Studies Association 2023 Conference website. The deadline for submissions to participate is Friday, March 3 at 11:59 PM. Please note that you need to be a member of the German Studies Association to submit an abstract.

Jeremy Best, Iowa State University, bestja@iastate.edu
Alex Hogue, Coastal Carolina University, ahogue@coastal.edu
Evan Torner, University of Cincinnati, evan.torner@uc.edu

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Jeremy Best, Iowa State University

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