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April 10, 2023 to April 12, 2023
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Art, Art History & Visual Studies, Cultural History / Studies, Film and Film History, Humanities, Literature

Concept Note
It is more than a quarter century since Translation studies took a cultural turn; the entry of semiotics into translation studies is also quite old. But these two have got a new lease of life and vigour in the context of digitalization of signs, texts (both verbal and non-verbal) and their intertwining and crisscrossing. Culture as ensemble of signs and translation as the process of creating the boundaries and altering the boundaries of cultures is something that we are still struggling to comprehend fully. This Conference too seeks to understand the spurt in translations and the way we translate/produce the signs, chain of signs or ensemble of signs and also their movement across semiotic/cultural boundaries along with how these boundaries are constantly altered and maintained by such movement of signs in/through culture.

The process of digitization of cultural products/texts and transformation of these products/texts in both virtual and “real” mode through mechanical as well as human intervention needs our urgent attention. Looking at the culture of translation and the way it is being cultured in the digital mode, we need to come up with trans-semiotic perspectives to make sense of the way the ensemble of signs is constantly being transformed or is resisting to be transformed. This phenomenon has already rendered the “copyright”/print inspired notion of translation and text obsolete, paving way for not simply employing the post-modern/structural notions of text but moving beyond mono-semiotic perspective and calling for trans-semiotic perspective in the field of verbal and non-verbal, blended texts, chain of signifiers (weaving of music, sculpture, painting, words, colours, architecture, costume, food, involving not just visual signs but also signs comprehended through other senses).
We invite proposals to present papers, posters, displays, installations addressing translation processes in semiotic and trans-semiotic perspective involving all five senses. The following rubrics are suggested for the participants; one can transcend the limits of the rubrics too.


  • Architectural styles and cultural translation
  • Translation of music
  • Translation of food culture
  • Trans-semiotic translations
  • Screen translation
  • Dubbing, subtitling, remakes
  • Multimodal texts in translation
  • Role of translation in making/altering cultural boundaries
  • Cultures of translation
  • Translation in social media/new media
  • Translation practices in the online world
  • Translation and virtual reality

Conference Dates: 10-12 April 2023
Venue: Cooch Behar College, Kalighat Road, Cooch Behar 736101, West Bengal, India.
Last date for receiving abstracts: 25 February 2023
Intimation of acceptance of abstracts: 28 February 2023

Registration Fees: Rs. 1500 for participants in India; US $ 20 for participants abroad.
(Registration fees will cover paper presentations, access to the plenaries and panels of the Conference, including the musical and literary sessions, working lunch, as well as a Participation Certificate)
Accommodation: Rs 3000 (for those who want us to book their accommodation)
Membership Fees:
All those who wish to participate in the V Annual International Conference of Caesurae Collective Society (if they are not already Life Members or have not renewed their annual membership) are required to pay the membership fees of Caesurae Collective Society
✓ Life Membership: Rs 5000
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Please email abstracts to: <caesuraeconf2023@gmail.com>

Special Attraction of the Conference:
Caesurae Conferences are always academic and creative. So, this conference also has Musical & Haiku Evenings by young musicians and creative personalities who have made their mark in the professional world of performance, Music & Haiku Workshops, an Art Exhibition by artists who are also academics. While those who register for the conference will have access to the performances and Art Exhibition, for participating in the music workshops there will be an offline registration fee of Rs 1000/- for 2 days (details will be provided later).

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