Call For Papers (CFP) for National Seminar on 'Religion & Society in India: Contemporary Multi-Disciplinary Explorations'

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Call for Papers
March 31, 2023
Subject Fields: 
Religious Studies and Theology, Philosophy, Sociology, Psychology, Social Sciences

National Biblical Catechetical and Liturgical Centre (NBCLC), networking with esteemed institutions of higher education in Bengaluru, plans to organise a research seminar on 07-08 August 2023. The theme of the seminar is 'Religion & Society in India: Contemporary Multi-Disciplinary Explorations'. NBCLC invites Call for Papers from students, research scholars and faculty for this seminar.

The possible sub-themes for submission under CFP include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Social Identities and Indian Religions
  • Personality Developments and Indian Religions
  • Spiritualities and Philosophies
  • Indian Personality Traits and Religio-Philosophical Traditions
  • Spirituality and Counselling
  • Spirituality and Youth
  • Cultural Creativity and Indian Religious Traditions Today
  • Indian Religions in their Contemporary Phase of Transformations
  • Indian Religions and Social Transformations Today
  • Indian Religions and Spiritualities
  • Indian Philosophical Traditions
  • Indian Religio-Philosophical Traditions and Civil Society Today
  • Global Civil Society and Indian Religious Diaspora
  • Religions, Philosophies, and Spiritualities and the Public Sphere in India
  • Indian Religio-Philosophical Traditions and Higher Education in India
  • Gender and Religion in India
  • Subaltern communities and Religio-Cultural Traditions in India
  • Dietary Management and Religious Beliefs and Practices in India
  • Physical well-being and Religious and Spiritual Practices in India
  • Religion, Art and Culture in India
  • Freedom of Religion and Indian Politics
  • Religious Centres and Civil Society in India

Dates to remember

  • Last Date to receive paper proposals: 31 March 2023
  • Announcement of Selection of Papers: 15 April 2023
  • Full-paper submissions: 25 July 2023 (6000 – 7000 words, including notes and bibliography)
  • Seminar Dates: 07-08, August 2023

Venue: NBCLC, Hutchins Road, 2nd Cross, Bengaluru

Contact Info: 

+91 080-25472369, +91 9482402369

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