Applying Education in Architecture, Urban Design and Planning CFP

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April 26, 2023 to April 28, 2023
Ontario, Canada
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Architecture and Architectural History, Urban History / Studies, Urban Design and Planning

Applying Education in Architecture, Urban Design and Planning


As part of the Routledge Series ‘A Focus on Design Pedagogy’ Sheridan College is calling for papers responding to the themes below at the ‘Applying Education in  Complex World’ conference.


26-28 April, 2023

Toronto and Online

Abstracts: 01 March, 2023


Papers will be considered the next book in the Routledge series.


Themes & Questions:


- How is exploration within studio-based learning fostering adaptation to complexity?  

- How are approaches to teaching and learning responding to shifts in professional and creative practice?

- What models of peer-to-peer learning support collaboration within education and practice? 

- What emerging and current frameworks support knowledge exchange, interdisciplinary research, innovation and/or community partnerships? 

 - What methodologies and approaches help to facilitate and support effective academic and community partnerships?

- How do partnerships between academia, communities, and organizations foster “real world” and lifelong learning?  

- How can interdisciplinary educational approaches foster effective, collaborative and participatory learning?

- How can virtual curriculum delivery support applied education and preparation for a complex and dynamic world? 

- How can virtual and distance education foster access and inclusion for potential and current learners? 


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Angela Larocchi, Lorraine Gess