CfP: S19 Islam as the New Normal in the Study of the ‘International’, 16th EISA Conference, Potsdam (Germany), 5–9 September 2023

Raffaele Mauriello Announcement
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Arabic History / Studies, Diplomacy and International Relations, Islamic History / Studies, Middle East History / Studies, Political Science

Dear friends and colleagues,

We want to let you know about  the call for papers and panels for our section S19 Islam as the New Normal in the Study of the 'International' (Regular  Sections) at the forthcoming 16th Pan-European Conference on International Relations (#EISAPEC23) to be held in Potsdam (Germany), 5-9 September 2023:

The Section addresses Islam as a critical factor in global affairs and International Relations. It aims to offer a broad understanding of the role of Islam in world affairs by presenting case studies of the worldview of Muslim thinkers and practitioners, transnational Islamist movements, Islamic approaches to International Relations Theory, global Islamic governance and institutions, the Islamic polity and governance (the Islamic State, the Umma, and the Nation-State), Islam and Foreign Policy Analysis, Islamic Diplomacy, Islam and Global Security, and Islam and geopolitics. Since its appearance on the world scene, Islam has played a significant role in world affairs. However, as shown by the experience of the International Relations and Islamic Studies Research Cohort (CoIRIS), Islam has received limited sustained attention as an intellectual and strategic phenomenon. The role of Islamic Civilisation, Muslim-majority countries, and Muslim thinkers in IR, IRT, FPA, and Diplomacy has remained largely unaddressed. This Section aims to fill this gap by exploring theoretical and empirical experiences of the Islamic civilisation from the classical to modern and contemporary periods and by presenting the worldview of prominent Muslim thinkers, statecraft experiences, transitional movements, and Islamic states. The larger aim is to include Muslim intellectual contributions and experiences to the field of IR to enrich, diversify, and strengthen it by considering a broader possible picture of past and current case studies fashioned under the themes highlighted in the call.


We welcome both individual papers as well as full panel submissions. Proposed panel themes include but are not limited to:

- Islamic Polity and Governance: The Islamic State, the Umma, and the Nation-State.

- Transnational Islamist Movements.

Global Islamic Governance and Institutions.

- Islamic Approaches to International Relations Theory.

- Islam and Foreign Policy Analysis.

- Islamic Diplomacy/Diplomacy in Islam.

- Islam and Geopolitics.

- Islam and Global Security.


Abstracts are to be submitted electronically via the online submission system. Please, read the Abstract Submission Guidelines before submitting your proposal and visit the official EISA PER 2023 website and the Co-IRIS Facebook page for further updates.

The closing state for submissions is 15 March 2023 (midnight CERT).

All the best,

Raffaele Mauriuello, Allameh Tabataba'i University

Deina Abdelkader, University of Massachusetts Lowell

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Raffaele Mauriello, Allameh Tabataba'i University

Deina Abdelkader, University of Massachusetts Lowell

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