Interpretation and Presentation of Heritage Sites 25 - 28 May 2017

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Call for Papers
May 25, 2017 to May 28, 2017
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Ancient History, Architecture and Architectural History, Music and Music History, Anthropology, Historic Preservation

International Conference on the Mediterranean Island of Malta

Bringing heritage interpreters, curators and site managers together to share their experience, support each other in their challenges and explore new ways of fostering visitor engagement and appropriate appreciation for the built heritage of antiquity. 

 This event will feature  a look at Archaeoacoustics and Soundscapes.
(Archaeoacoustics is a multidisciplinary field that studies the way sound behaves in ancient enclosed spaces, how early humankind may have used it and the implications of architectural manipulation.)

> Let’s examine ancient traditions of the use of sound and stone and learn how to recognize physical features of heritage sites that could suggest this practice

> Let’s see how all this directly relates to the interpretation of monumental and contemplative architectural heritage and potential applications for incorporating sound today.

> Let’s explore with each other what works and what doesn’t work for enriching the modern visitor experience in various age groups.

The conference program will include selected peer-reviewed individual papers and poster sessions as well as an anticipated satellite program of events.  Presentations and subsequent publications will be in English.


IPHS, Malta 2017 welcomes contributions from curators, managers and practitioners representing different cultural and technical perspectives.   250-300 word abstracts of papers, presentations and posters should be submitted in English, in either Text, Word or PDF formats. The DEADLINE for submissions is January 15, 2017. Submitters will be informed before February 2017.  
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