Jewish History Volume 36, issues 3-4 December 2022

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The Editors of Jewish History are pleased to announce the publication of the latest issues of the journal (Volume 36, issues 3-4, December 2022).


Jewish History Volume 36, issues 3-4   December 2022



Where Did Rav and Shmuel Preside? Lingering Institutional Assumptions                  203-230                           

in the Study of the Late Antique Rabbis

Simcha Gross


Manuscript Marginalia in a Fourteenth-Century Torah Commentary and the                231-263

History of Jewish Reading: Ephraim ben Shabbetai on Eleazar Ashkenazi’s

Revealer of Secrets

Eric Lawee


Between Neighbors and Strangers: Representations of the Indigenous People of          265-295

America and Construction of Jewish Identity in Early Modern Western Europe

Limor Mintz-Manor


Sacred Sororities: Devotion and Death in Early Modern Jewish Communities             297-336

Debra Kaplan and Elisheva Carlebach 


“Burning Villages”: Leo Katz’ Novels on the 1907 Romanian Peasants’ Revolt           337-364

and the Question of Antisemitism

Andreea Kaltenbrunner 



In This Land: Jewish Life and Legal Culture in Late Medieval Provence,                    365-369

by Pinchas Roth

Rebecca Lynn Winer 


Conversion, Circumcision, and Ritual Murder in Medieval Europe, by Paola              371-374


Irven M. Resnick


International Jewish Humanitarianism in the Age of the Great War, by Jaclyn Granick      375-378

Joanna Zofia Spyra


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