Literature and the Visual Arts (GSA '23)

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Call for Papers
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German History / Studies, Art, Art History & Visual Studies

German Studies Association 47th Annual Conference 

Montréal, Canada 

October 5-8, 2023 


CFP: Literature and the Visual Arts

The past century has seen a drastic increase in images, from paintings to the rise of cinema and then television, to the images of the digital age. Literature has been both challenged and enriched by this visual explosion. Conceptual poetics borrow from visual traditions. Ekphrastic writing responding to a painting or sculpture continues to draw connections between the various arts. Books are turned into screenplays, and vice versa. Photography is embedded into the text, comic books abound, and texts are digitized alongside images.

This panel encourages cross-media approaches that explore the interrelationship between literature and visual arts, broadly defined. Papers should address the interconnectedness and reciprocal relationship between word and image. Approaches are not limited to discussions of…

  • narrative form and cinematic technique
  • cognitive theory
  • marketing and circulation
  • authorship  
  • mimesis and simulation
  • spatial and temporal representation
  • theoretical approaches
  • the pictorial turn
  • text/image in the classroom

Abstract submissions addressing a wide range of corollary or correspondence between literature and the visual arts, or between authors and artists/directors are welcome.

Please submit a proposal of 350-500 words as well as a brief bio to Charles Vannette ( no later than March 10, 2023


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