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Call for Publications
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Languages, Linguistics, Literature, Medieval and Byzantine History / Studies, Modern European History / Studies


We are looking for contributors who are motivated to keep up with the newest publications in their field of study and write an annual critical bibliographical survey on it. Your survey will be an invaluable resource for your fellow scholars to stay informed of what really matters and stands out.

The Year's Work in Modern Language Studies is an annual critical bibliography of scholarly work done in the modern European languages (except English). Each contribution covers publications on a modern European language or its literature in a certain period, for instance French Studies of the Seventeenth Century, Medieval Welsh Literature, Modern Greek Linguistics, or Occitan Literature. All contributions are in English and written by experts in the field.

If you wish to join this team of experts, do not hesitate to reach out to the appropriate section editor. In your field of study we currently have the following vacancies to write a survey on 2022 publications, or the year after.


Vacancies for Welsh Studies 

  • Language, Linguistics and Literature, Medieval Period
  • Language, Linguistics and Literature, Modern Period

Vacancies for Breton and Cornish Studies

  • Language, Linguistics and Literature

Vacancies for Irish Studies

  • Language, Linguistics and Literature, Medieval Period
  • Language, Linguistics and Literature, Modern Period


Vacancies for Manx Celtic Studies

  • Language, Linguistics, and Literature

As contributor you:

  • keep up an almost century old tradition of The Year's Work in Modern Language Studies to offer your fellow scholars a roadmap to the scholarly highlights of the past year,
  • help your fellow scholars save time by disseminating the most noteworthy publications in your field,
  • expand your library, as you can keep all the review copies you have requested,
  • get free access to Brill’s e-book collections in Literature & Culture, Language & Linguistics, and Medieval Studies,
  • can connect with fellow contributors who are working along with you,
  • have an external motivation to keep up with new research in a given year,
  • publish in Open Access when you are affiliated to an institute we have an institutional OA agreement with Institutional Open Access Agreements ( Check here if your institute is eligible for OA publishing. Else, we publish your review essay as a regular publication that a large number of research institutes have access to worldwide.

Is this something for you? We appreciate your expertise and work a lot. For the sections of Welsh, Irish, Manx Celtic Studies, and Breton and Cornish Studies you can express your interest by contacting the Section Editor, Sara Elin Roberts (

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Section Editor, Sara Elin Roberts (