Call for Paper Proposals for the 2023 Intersectional Studies Remote Conference at South Carolina State University - Human Rights: Momentum and Obstacles

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Call for Papers
March 6, 2023
South Carolina, United States
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Colonial and Post-Colonial History / Studies, Human Rights, Race / Ethnic Studies, Sexuality Studies, Women's & Gender History / Studies

The Department of English and Communications at South Carolina State University invites proposals for twenty-minute papers for the 2023 Intersectional Studies Remote Conference via Zoom on Friday, March 24. 

Papers that explore topics related to this year's theme, “Human Rights: Momentum and Obstacles,” are particularly welcome.  In 1949, the United Nations adopted the Universal Declaration on Human Rights, providing a foundational set of human rights that has inspired movements across the globe and declarations that expand on the UN document.  Nevertheless, millions today are still denied human rights.  When it comes to embracing human rights, societies move forward, move backward, and even remain in stasis.  Paper topics can include but are not limited to movements towards securing human rights, addressing human rights in the digital age, expanding our concept of human rights in the 21st-century, and how the struggle for human rights is depicted in literature and art. Papers from a variety of fields of study are welcome. 

Please submit a one-paragraph proposal via the following link:  The deadline is Monday, March 6.

  Registration for the ISC will begin on March 1.  For more information about the IS Conference, please email Janice Hawes at

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