‘Cities’ Journal Special Issue CFP

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Call for Papers
June 14, 2023
New York, United States
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Architecture and Architectural History, Environmental History / Studies, Geography, Urban Design and Planning, Urban History / Studies

‘Cities’ Journal Special Issue CFP

AMPS and City Tech (City University of New York) are calling for papers at the “Livable Cities” conference:



Dates: June 14-16, 2023

Abstracts: April 10, 2023



The publication will be a special themed issue that follows-on from the 2022 journal publication edited by Jason Montgomery. ArchitectureMPS, ISSN 2050-9006, UCL Press: “Cities”


Summary of the publication call:

Cities at this moment in the 21st century are seeing the latest significant disrupting force for change at a global scale in the Covid-19 pandemic. How this change will play out remains to be seen, but the early indicators are that it is not leading to the demise of the city as some forecasted, but instead is serving as a catalyst for re-imagining and adaptation. This special issue will explore the theme of re-imagining the city through historical and contemporary analysis, design, and advocacy. New York provides a particularly potent case for studying change, with numerous critical events in its history stressing the city to a maximum degree. These were followed in each case by its recovery, adaptation, and the evolution of a new New York. While New York is a great example of a changing city, other cities equally are exploring adaptation to address longer term sustainability by focusing on stresses and challenges that the pandemic has served to highlight in the public consciousness.

Building on work being done by AMPS and at City Tech around these themes, this special issue publication call for 2023 welcomes contributions from multiple disciplines.


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Jason Montgomery, Cindee Hogan, Peter Blake, Rachel Isaac-Menard

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