The 1980s: An International Research Network

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February 28, 2023
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Humanities, Journalism and Media Studies, Literature, Social Sciences, Popular Culture Studies

The 1980s: An International Research Network

Expressions of interest are invited to participate in a newly established international network that focuses on new research and approaches to studying the 1980s. The purpose of the network is to share research and identify potential areas of collaboration. This could lead to, for instance, a network for funding applications and publications. Scholars from all academic disciplines are invited to get in touch, and it would be great to hear from colleagues at all career stages (e.g. from PhD candidates to leading researchers in their field).  

 The network already has plans for a monthly online seminar series, a weekly "public facing" essay on sub-stack, and a conference. 

Areas of interest include, but are by no means restricted to, the following aspects of the 1980s:

  • Politics and policy making
  • Media
  • Literature
  • Gender
  • Race and migration
  • Class
  • Material culture
  • Religion
  • Music
  • Art and fashion
  • International relations
  • LGBT+
  • Popular protests
  • Subcultures
  • Emotions
  • Retro/Nostalgia/Revivals/re-imagining the 80s
  • Neo-liberalism
  • Technological innovation

This invitation is extended to researchers in any country. Research specialisms that focus on any country, and even multiple countries, are welcomed. We already have members from around the world with a rich and varied range of expertise. 

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Dr James Cooper

Associate Professor of History and American Studies

School of Humanities

York St John University, UK

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