'Ripeness is All': Discoursing Shakespeare and the Politics of Cultural Gerontology at Bankura University, West Bengal, INDIA

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Call for Papers
August 15, 2016
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European History / Studies, Humanities, Literature, Cultural History / Studies

Despite the apparent exhaustion of critical thoughts on Shakespeare, it is possible to negotiate Shakespeare in relation to cultural gerontology. The conference will address, but not limited to, the following issues:

Transcultural Re-writing and Ageing in Shakespeare

Re-inventing Ageing: Subjectivism and Shakespeare

Gerontology as a Cultural Genre: Early Modern Era and Shakespeare

Anxiety, Ageing and Denouement: Re-visiting Shakespeare

Shapes of Lateness: Ageing and the Last Plays of Shakespeare

Land, Inheritance and Possession: Shakespeare Studies

Kingship, Ageing and Shakespeare

Grief, Insanity and Dementia: Reconstructing Shakespeare

Please send your abstracts by 15th August, 2016 to sukhendujimmy@gmail.com


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Dept of English, Bankura University will hold a two-day international conference on " 'Ripeness is All': Discoursing Shakespeare and the Politics of Cultural Gerontology" on 07-08 November, 2016. Contact : Sukhendu Das

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