Extension of chapter submissions - book "Juvenile Justice in African and Western Criminal Justice Systems."

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March 31, 2023
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Human Rights, Humanities, Law and Legal History, Social Sciences, Sociology

We are still accepting chapter proposals for a book titled "Juvenile Justice in African and Western Criminal Justice Systems."

The edited book intends to provide a comprehensive introduction to the field of juvenile justice from a comparative perspective between African and Western criminal justice systems. Most African jurisdictions inherited the juvenile justice systems from colonial governments, and many of these African jurisdictions still maintain the colonial structure in dealing with juvenile offenders. It is designed to help readers understand the complexities of the present juvenile justice practice by presenting in a comparative perspective and thoroughly examining the social, historical, and legal context within which delinquency and juvenile justice practice occur. The book highlights the complexities of juvenile justice practice but provides a critical examination of juvenile justice theory and practice from a comparative perspective, which is important for the future development of international juvenile justice practices.

The themes include:
1. Comparative juvenile justice: Defining basic concepts and public perceptions of juvenile crime
2. Measuring the extent of juvenile delinquency
3. Public and police responses to juvenile offenders
4. Juvenile diversion programs
5. Adjudication processes in the juvenile justice
6. Community-based corrections for juvenile offenders
7. Chronic or violent juvenile offenders
8. Ethics in the juvenile justice
8. International criminal justice system and juvenile offenders
9. Working in the juvenile justice
10. Probation and juvenile justice
11. The status of an offender in the juvenile justice
12. Alternatives to the juvenile justice system

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