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January 18, 2023
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Art, Art History & Visual Studies, Architecture and Architectural History, Cultural History / Studies, Fine Arts

ARTis ON is an annual scientific journal, published only in digital format and open access, open to collaboration of students, cultural heritage technicians, agents of the art market, etc., in order to disseminate emerging studies that stand out for their quality and originality.


The last two issues of the journaç came out at the end of 2022. Issue 12, entitled "Heritage Conservation in the interwar Period (1919-1939)", is a special issue that sought to analyse, on an international scale, the context in which the Athens Charter was formulated, in the wider context of the role of the League of Nations in defending and valuing historic, artistic and archaeological heritage, both movable and immovable. The issue 13, is a multimetatic issue that aim to inquire into current research trends in the disciplinary fields of art history, heritage sciences and art markets, both at a national and international level. Likewise, we were interested in investigating the potentialities of this editorial approach typology,


Issue 12 is available in the link:



The Conservation of the Architectural Heritage in Spain in the Interwar Period

Alfonso Muñoz Cosme

The Great War, Fascism and the Athens Chater: Difficulty of the Italian Route

Marta Nezzo

The Restoration of Monuments in Portugal: from Athens 1931 to Venice 1964 Charters
Maria João Neto

From Athens to New York via Madrid. The Consequences of the 1931 Congres on the Cultural and Museum Policies Pursued by the Office International des Musées
Patrizia Dragoni

The International Commission on Historical Monuments (1933-1937)
Bianka Trötschel-Daniels

The Junta de Calificación, Valoración y Exportación de Bienes del Patrimonio Histórico Español: Origins and Institutional Framework

Ángel Ruiz Santana, María de los Reyes Hernández Socorro, Santiago Luxán Meléndez

"Tupi or not Tupi" versus "Casa Portuguesa": Friction between Lúcio Costa and Raul Lino in Auriverde Jornada (or the debate that might have taken place on Identity and Heritage in Architecture)
Joaquim Rodrigues dos Santos

Between Two Wars: Archaeological Discoveries in Egypt

Luís Araújo
Railway Architecture in Portugal: the initial standardized models and a possible origin of their style
Ana Rute Faísca, Pedro Gomes JanuárioDOI:



Issue 13 is available in the link:




Between Nicolau de Cusa and Fernando Martins: Nuno Gonçalves and the Viva Imago Doctrine

Vasco Medeiros

Spanish Renaissance chairs in Oporto – a family history

José Manuel Tinoco, Franklin Pereira

A bust of Benedict XIV, the Pope of the most faithful king, at Museu Nacional de Machado de Castro

Teresa Leonor M. Vale

18th Century Portraits in Oeiras: Contributions to the Study of the Iconographic Genealogy of the Marquis of Pombal

Susana Varela Flor, Pedro Flor

“Palacetes” in Lisbon between the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century – scope and social, cultural and artistic contexts

Margarida Elias

Modernity and Tradition: Architectural features on Avenida Ressano Garcia between 1904 and 1909

António Cota Fevereiro

Visualizing the transcendental: Irakli Parjiani’s metaphysical landscapes
Natia Ebanoidze

Ciarte Digital Library: technical and artistic historical literature in Portuguese

António João Cruz



Research notes


Veloso Salgado, the work that made him a professorCatarina Cirne, Mercês Lorena, Catarina Villamariz





O Santuário de Nossa Senhora de Aires: Arquitectura e Devoção (1743-1792) de Raquel Seixas
Alexandra Gago da Câmara



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