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Call for Papers
February 15, 2023
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Area Studies, Art, Art History & Visual Studies, Contemporary History, Cultural History / Studies, Humanities

Call for Submissions - Deadline Extended to February 15, 2023

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Condensing a confidential memo from 25 pages to one paragraph. A form of editing to prepare a text for publication. The altering of information. What does it look like to censor?

A notable absence, a muting, making invisible. Redaction extends beyond the simple black squares as incomplete redactions – stamps marked with ‘deleted’ covering the text–white squares, and handmade notations. 

Each black square signifies absence. It serves as a reminder for enforced forgetfulness. Uncovering the secret behind the mask and discovering the text underneath seems like a daring task, but is the redacted information really gone? 

What is visible in cultural spaces, and what is invisible? In attempts to appeal to the public, what is redacted? 

We accept any theme that explores the theme, [Redacted]. Potential topics include: 

Relationship between ethics and empathy 
             -flexibility of ethics 
Cultural taboos and disgust 
Repatriation in cultural institutions
Memorialization (death and mourning)
Right to privacy, what is private (public vs. private spheres)
Invisible labor 
            - preparators
             -unpaid co-curation
Salary transparency 
Invisible illness/disability and accessibility
Underrepresented narratives and communities 
Queer and Trans
Political radicals
Regulated behaviors in cultural institutions
Tainted Funding and/or Donors
Destruction of material culture/art (intentional) 
Politics/news; muted movements 
Body-mind politics + a(sexuality)

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Fwd: Museums, a peer-reviewed journal, invites academic articles, artwork, essays, exhibition/book reviews, creative writing, interviews, poetry, love letters, and other experimental forms to analyze, critique, and make space for new thinking about museums and exhibitions.

All submissions should follow the guidelines and relate to the journal’s mission statement (see above). We strongly encourage book and exhibition reviews on multiple topics, but require all other submissions to connect to the seventh issue’s theme, [Redacted].

​Written submissions should be between 1,000 and 2,500 words and use Chicago Manual of Style formatting and citations, in a DOCX file. Please read the APA Bias-Free Language Guide and Journal Style Guide before submitting a text for the journal.

All images should be sent as separate files (not embedded in text) at 300+ dpi in tiff format. Note in text where images should be inserted and include credit, caption, date of execution, materials used, dimensions, and alt text/image descriptions, as appropriate.

A Note on Reviews
Reviews need not directly engage an issue’s theme but should relate to the journal’s mission statement (see below). We welcome long-form museum, exhibition, film, and book reviews with a point of view and connections to social, historical, political and other contexts.

Who Should Submit?
Students, faculty, scholars, museum employees, artists and art handlers, volunteers, part-timers, activists, and other people with something to say about museums, exhibits, and cultural work are welcome to submit.

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Dr. Therese Quinn, Professor and Director of Museum and Exhibition Studies

University of Illinois Chicago, 929 West Harrison, M/C 201, Chicago IL 60607


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