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Chinese History / Studies, Literature

We would like to welcome new and innovative perspectives for the new series, Chinese Texts in the World

Following the publication of the second volume, Brill seeks to enrich even more the field of Chinese Literature:

History Retold: Premodern Chinese Texts in Western Translation

This volume focuses on Western translations of premodern Chinese texts from the 17th to the 20th century. The relevance of current research paradigms, such as World Literature, transcultural reception, and the rewriting of translation history are a contributing factor. 

As part of Brill’s new series, Chinese Texts in the World focuses on the transmission of Chinese Literature to today’s world and opens a dialogue between Chinese and Western texts.

Would you like to contribute with your own perspective?

You are warmly invited to submit your book proposals to the Acquisitions Editor at Brill, Christa Stevens ( 

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