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Call for Papers
August 1, 2023
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Humanities, Jewish History / Studies

Call for Papers: Jewish Theology

The University of St Andrews is creating a new, international Encyclopaedia of Theology, designed to be an authoritative resource and driver in the study of all major religious traditions. Our goal is to open the entire discipline of Jewish Theology to scholars and students, and to allow them to explore the significance of each topic from a conceptual rather than historical perspective.

We are seeking articles which will explore major themes, questions, and developments in Jewish Thought and religious philosophy over the centuries. We place an emphasis on a variety of approaches - conceptual, constructive, dialogical and analytical - to Jewish theological material, on subjects such as Ideas of Revelation, Lifecycle, Aspects of Kabbalah, Jewish Ethics, Justice, Creation, and more.

This Call for Papers invites scholars of Jewish thought to contribute an entry to this exciting and collaborative initiative.

Articles will form part of a free, online, peer-reviewed reference work, based broadly on the model of the Stanford Encyclopaedia of Philosophy. Articles are to be approximately 6000 words in length and must be submitted by August 2023. A peer review and editorial process will follow, after which an honorarium of approximately $360 / £300 will be paid on final acceptance.

Judaism Senior Editors:

Rabbi Dr Rachel Adelman (Hebrew College)

 Rabbi Prof. Alan Brill (Seton Hall University)

 Prof. Cass Fisher (University of South Florida)

 Prof. Sarah Pessin (University of Denver)

 Dr Nehama Verbin (Tel Aviv University)

 Prof. Steven Kepnes (Colgate University)

Judaism Academic Editors

 Dr Miriam Feldmann Kaye (Bar-Ilan University and Jewish Theological Seminary)

 Mr William Shackman (University of St Andrews) Encyclopaedia Principal Editor

 Dr Brendan Wolfe (University of St Andrews)

If you would like to participate in this project, please contact Dr Miriam Feldmann Kaye: Website: Authors’ Guide:

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Miriam Feldmann Kaye

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