CfP: Conflicts, Society and Politics in Post-communist South Caucasus

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Call for Papers
April 29, 2016
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Eastern Europe History / Studies, Nationalism History / Studies, Political History / Studies, Political Science, Russian or Soviet History / Studies

CfP: Conflicts, Society and Politics in Post-communist South Caucasus

18-20 June, 2016, Tbilisi, Georgia 

Organized by the Centre for Social Studies in cooperation with Georgian American University


Since dramatic disintegration of Soviet Union, South Caucasus became one of the most vulnerable regions in post-soviet realm where ethnic conflicts and political violence ended up with emergence of collapsed and fragile states in the region. Social and political consequences following the collapse of Soviet system in South Caucasus were indeed harmful and dramatic. Political instability, ethnic and territorial conflicts, strengthening the non-democratic regimes, development of all forms of inequalities, and many other painful factors or events made region reluctant to peaceful and progressive democratic transformation. Today, after 25 years of Soviet collapse, states of South Caucasus faced new types of conflicts and crisis. Right wing nationalism, post-communist populism and neoliberal strategies for reforming political and social order fueled atomization of society and new forms of violence and oppression has been emerged.

This conference aims to bring together young scholars from different disciplines of social sciences and humanities to discuss different aspects of social, economic, political and cultural changes in South Caucasus after the fall of Soviet Union. The conference aims to equip the participants with robust knowledge and information to understand state of post-communist politics and society in contemporary South Caucasus. Also, one of the most ambitious goals of the conference is to support deeper and intensive communication among the scholar working in the field of post-communist studies.


Centre for Social Studies is a leading Georgian research and think tank institution established in 1995. The activities of the Centre are focused on research, publishing and education in the field of social sciences

Georgian American University is a private higher educational institution based in Tbilisi. The conference will be hosted by the School of Law, Social Sciences and Diplomacy at GAU.


Scholars and researchers are invited to present the papers on following topics (with focus to South Caucasus):

  • Postcommunist Transformation (social, political, economic and cultural)
  • Memory and Historical Narratives
  • Ethnic Conflicts & Territorial Disputes
  • Nationalism and Populism
  • Political Violence and Conspiracy Theories
  • Media, Politics and Society
  • Political Elites and Ideological Dominations
  • Militarism and Post-Militarism
  • Problems of Democratization
  • Crisis of Equality and Solidarity
  • Challenges of Modernization

Keynote Speakers

 Prof. Marina Muskhelishvili

Professor Muskhelishvili is Georgia’s most renowned political scientist and a director of Georgian think tank the Centre for Social Studies. Her main research interests include political institutions, civil society, social structure and democratic transitions In Post-soviet space. Professor Muskhelishvili is an author of several books and academic articles; she is also former research fellow at the University of Columbia and the University of Washington in Saint Louis.

Prof. Zaza Rukhadze

Zaza Rukhadze is professor of law and dean of the School of Law, Social Sciences and Diplomacy at GAU. He is also Vice-President of GAU. Professor Rukhadze is an author of numerous publications in the field of constitutional law and civil society theory.

Prof. Gia Jorjoliani

Gia Jorjoliani is a Member of the Parliament of Georgia and professor of political science at Tbilisi State University


The conference is open to the scholars, researchers and doctoral candidates from all fields of social sciences and humanities with strong interests in South Caucasus


Conference cost includes all academics and educational materials. It also includes refreshments during the conference. The fee does not include airfare, accommodation and meal.

Participation fee is 150 Euro


For participation in conference please submit your CV and Abstract (300 words) until 29th of April 2016 to the following e-mail address:

Please follow the link to get the PDF version: CfA_Conflicts, Politics and Society

 Time & Venue

18-20 June, 2016

Georgian American University

8 Merab Aleksidze Street, 0160, Tbilisi Georgia


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For any questions or concerns please contact us:

Bakar Berekashvili

Lecturer in Political Science

Georgian American University


Yulia Oreshina

Lecturer in Cultural Studies

Georgian American University


Tato Khundadze

Research Fellow & Program Director

Centre for Social Studies


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