Call for Papers : Historiography - Digital Resources - History, Theory and Methods

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World History / Studies, Intellectual History, Area Studies, Colonial and Post-Colonial History / Studies, Asian History / Studies

Digital Resources on Theory, Methods, and Historiography


Co-organized by the Ruhr University of Bochum, Germany, an ongoing project to develop a Digital Resource on Historiography, Historical theory, and Methods invites articles for the year 2023. The project has been designed to be a comprehensive digital resource for history students and scholars alike. It provides users with an unrivalled exploration of the theory, methods, and historiography which underpin history as a discipline.

The project enables graduate students, mid-career researchers across the globe, and faculty members from a variety of fields, including History, Philosophy, Social Science, Political Science, Anthropology, Classics, English, Comparative Literature, European Studies, Colonial Studies, Transnational Studies, Area studies, Geography, Gender Studies, Disability Studies, Religious Studies, and Urban Studies to share current research outcomes on historiography and historical methods.

Your theme of the contribution should be related to historical methods and historiography but new and innovative topics have more potential to get acceptance. Less-common themes in Historiography will be highly appreciated and feel free to contact the coordinator for any clarification.


·       The organizers require that all articles must include the same broad structure and all content will be searchable and accessible.

·       Required length of the final article is 10,000 words

·     The Contributor Guidelines and Article Template will be sent individually as per applications. Please adhere to the template which ensures consistency of coverage across articles.

Articles will be thoroughly peer-reviewed and provide authoritative, in-depth overviews.

As per contribution, the author will receive a contract and be paid £150 GBP (or equivalent) per article. 

The organizers wish to negotiate submission dates for the main article that would fit your plans.

Proposal Instructions :

Please send your proposal, consisting of a 250-word abstract (including the main theme and methodology), CV, University or other affiliation, and contact information to 

Via the same email, please contact the contact person, Ramesha Jayaneththi for any questions or clarification.

The deadline for paper proposals is February 28, 2023. Accepted proposals will be notified by email in early March.


Contact Information

Ramesha Jayaneththi

Ruhr University of Bochum, Germany