‘WE’, a शब्द/ شبد (śabd)’

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Call for Papers
May 30, 2016
Subject Fields: 
Area Studies, Asian History / Studies, Colonial and Post-Colonial History / Studies, Environmental History / Studies, Human Rights

We invite the art and literary practitioners to submit video works for ‘WE’, a शब्द/ شبد (śabd)’- an art-research project that will culminate in an exhibition in the Korean Cultural Centre, New Delhi, from 12 August to 9 September 2016. The project aims to string together the range of ideas on the simulation of शब्द/ شبد (śabd).  ‘WE’ is a शब्द/شبد (śabd) is noise, voice, and echo; on the other hand, “We” is a शब्द/ شبد, (śabd) or a word. The word ‘we’ as a social identity is much debated and discussed in the scholarly practices. There have been questions about the legitimacy of the notions of communities, regional boundaries, and national-transnational identities. For the videos, we will be interested to explore the state of isolation or disengagement within a community. A community, which is formed out of like-minded group of people, could not be considered as homogeneous. We all are part of several communities and at the same time we are all individual beings. Between the collective and the individual, lays the zone of isolation, and longing. The state of separation or longing works as a dialectical force, which connects us with the world and at the same time constitute our distinctive identities. How do we express the idea of isolation within a community through audio-visual works? We call for submission of video artwork corresponding with this idea with artistic interventions.

If you are interested to collaborate and communicate with us, we encourage you to send your video work to we.a.shabd@gmail.com by 30th May, 2016 (IST).

For the exhibition, “We” is a शब्द/ شبد, (śabd) twelve videos will be selected. The twelve videos will be displayed as an anthology and played in a loop with proper citation. The selected participants will be informed by 30th June, 2016.

Submission Requirement:

  1. Video art work in minimum 3, maximum 7 minutes with subtitle if the language is not English in VLC media format.
  2. Concept of your video art ( 500 words )
  3. A brief note about the resources and the process of making the work.
  4. A short paragraph about how your artwork connects the ideas of ‘WE’, a शब्द/ شبد  (śabd)  (250 words)
  5. Please arrange all the files including your video/sound work in a folder titled “For Submission- Your Name” Your folder size should not exceed 10 MB.

For further enquires and submission please mail to we.a.shabd@gmail.com.

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Baishali Ghosh

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