(New Course) Introduction to Contemporary Iran and the Persian Gulf: Literature, Visual Material and Media Resources

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August 15, 2016 to June 15, 2017
United States
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Area Studies, Art, Art History & Visual Studies, Languages

New Course

Introduction to Contemporary Iran and the Persian Gulf: Literature, Visual Material and Media Resources

This module is intended as an in-depth look at the language, civilization, and cultural and social processes of change in contemporary Iran, from the inception of the Iranian Revolution in 1978 to the present day. Persian literature will be the primary language of students in this module, which includes 36 hours in class with a complementary Persian calligraphy course (16 hours). The rest of the module (weekly seminar, Persian tea break, and documentary film) will look at the different socio-cultural aspects, the artistic and visual developments, gender relations, and particularly the geopolitical changes engendered by the Iranian Revolution and the Iran-Iraq War of the 1980s. While following a broad chronological perspective, students will be encouraged to engage with the Persian Language, Visual Material, Media and Communication Resources as well as the more general interdisciplinary questions that this course aims to call attention to.

-First Semester
Level 1, 68733 - INTL 4020 - 0/ 68734 - INTL 5020 - 0 | 3 Credits

-Second Semester Level 2, INTL 4020/5020 | 3 Credits (Level 1 is a prerequisite)

-Spring Break
(University of Michigan, USA) INTL 4200/5200 | 3 Credits (Level 2 is a prerequisite)

A week of teaching Persian art, hands-on viewing of Persian illustrated manuscripts, and reading discussion on Persian figural imagery in the Department of History of Art by Prof. Christy Gruber, Associate Director in Islamic Art History. The visit also will include a viewing of the Islamic and Persian art collection in the Detroit Institute of Artas well as a tour of various mosques in the Dearborn and Metro Detroit area.

Study Abroad/Summer School
(University of Oxford, UK) INTL 4200/5200 | 3 Credits (Level 2 is a prerequisite)
12 days extensive teaching on Iranian Visual and Material Culture at St Antony’s College. During this program, students will visit the Ashmolean Museum, the Pitt Rivers Museum and also the archive of the Middle East Center of the University of Oxford to familiarize themselves with the visual and material culture of modern Iran.-

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