The Syncretic Spread of Indian Traditions

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April 30, 2023
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South Asian History / Studies, Social Sciences, Humanities, Religious Studies and Theology, Anthropology

Foreigners who come to India are often astounded by the diversity of the Indic traditions. As has been repeated often, we have crores of devatas, one for each individual. Each jati within each locality have their own unique set of practices and traditions. Equally fascinating as the diversity of the Indic traditions is their breadth of spread. The Buddhist traditions, for example, are to be found across the length and breadth of Asia, from Northern Mongolia to China to Japan and all the way down to Southeast Asia.

Given that the Indic traditions did not expand through proselytization, what was the mechanism through which these traditions spread and established themselves in other regions? How did they do so without some centralized institution driving the process?

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