Open Source Digital Technologies applied to Cultural Heritage

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Summer Program
Subject Fields: 
Archaeology, Art, Art History & Visual Studies, Digital Humanities, Urban History / Studies


The registration for the participation in the two courses in the area of Open Source Digital Technologies applied to Cultural Heritage will open on April 4.

I. 2D documentation Methodologies with Management through GIS (program and objectives)
II. Methodologies of 3D Documentation (program and objectives)

The two courses will have both theoretical and practical classes and are preferentially oriented towards students and professionals with training in the fields of Archaeology, History, Architecture, Art History, Museology, Conservation and Restoration, and Multimedia, as well as experts who are involved in Digital Technologies applied to Cultural Heritage.

From a transdisciplinary point of view, the training aims to combine the knowledge of the material culture of our past with technology and innovation. The courses are designed to introduce the participants to the concepts of Open Source and to acquaint them with the use of open source software as a resource for documentation, dissemination and exploitation of Cultural Heritage.

Each course lasts 5 days (40h), an intensive week on which the trainees will learn to master the initial concepts, working directly with several software and in case studies. At the end, the trainees should be able to start their own projects and master the concepts that will enable them to develop knowledge in this area.

Course 2D: 04-08 July
Course 3D: 11-15 July
The courses will have a duration of 40 contact hours in the following schedule: 09h00 - 13h00, 14h00 - 18h00

Palácio do Vimioso
Largo Marquês de Marialva, nº8
7000-809 Évora
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Price per course
The registration fee must be paid upon registration or until the end of the registration deadline. All the data necessary for payment is indicated on the registration form. If it will not be possile to meet the minimum number of participants, the organization reserves the right to cancel the course, proceeding to a full refund of the amount paid, without loss to the participants. In case of cancelation or absence by the participant, the amount will not be refunded.

A diploma will be given at the end of the course.

Number of participants
15 to 20 participants
In case it will not be possible to meet the minimum number of participants, the organization reserves the right to cancel the course, without loss to the participants.

Course 2D: Dr. Luca Bezzi, Arc-Team, publications
Course 3D: Dr. Alessandro Bezzi, Arc-Team, publications

Official Language
The courses will be taught in English.

  1. The registration and payment should be made until Abril 30.
  2. Please complete the registration in (you will receive a confirmation email to complete the registration).
  3. Login at and open the respective course link (given above).
  4. Select the option "Inscrever" on the right side options.
  5. After registering, please select the option "Confirmar Inscrição".
  6. After confirmation of the registration, select the option "Confirmar o Pagamento" where you should insert the data for the invoice and where you whould upload the proof of payment (ATM receipt or bank statement).

Where to stay
Please check the accommodation page.

For any question, please contact us
Carlo Bottaini: (CIDEHUS - Interdisciplinary Centre for History, Cultures and Societies / HERCULES Laboratory, University of Évora)
Rui Bordalo: (HERCULES Laboratory, University of Évora)

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