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Table of Contents | JTAS Vol. 13, No. 2


   1–4            Introduction: The Need to Transnationalize | Alfred Hornung, Editor in Chief [view pdf]


Special forum: Teaching and Theorizing Transnational American Studies Around the Globe

5–12           Teaching and Theorizing American Studies Around the Globe—Special Forum Introduction [view pdf]
Yuan Shu and Selina Lai-Henderson

13–25         Transnational American Studies, Ecocritical Narratives, and Global Indigeneity: A Year of Teaching in Norway [view pdf]
Sara L. Spurgeon

27–43        United States’s Aerial Archives: Teaching and Theorizing Transnational American Studies in Japan [view pdf]
Etsuko Taketani

45–57        Teaching and Theorizing American Studies in Singapore and Southeast Asia in the Post-American Era [view pdf]
Yuan Shu

59–72        Graphic Matters: Teaching Asian American Studies with Graphic Narratives in Taiwan [view pdf]
Pin-Chia Feng

73–83        The Education of a Black Professor in Wuhan, China [view pdf]
Ousmane K. Power-Greene

85–93        Forward Editor’s Introduction | Jennifer A. Reimer [view pdf] [download pdf]

95–121        Introduction from Transpacific Convergences: Race, Migration, and Japanese American Film Culture before World War (University of North Carolina Press) [view pdf]
   Denise Khor

123–132      Inroduction from Ocean Passages: Navigating Pacific Islander and Asian American Literatures (Temple University Press) [view pdf]
   Erin Suzuki

133–142      Preface from Becoming Home: Diaspora and the Anglophone Transnational (Vernon Press) [view pdf]
   Volume edited by Jude V. Nixon and Mariaconcetta Costantini; preface by Elaine Savory

143–165     Introduction from Transatlantic Anglophone Literatures, 1776–1920 (Edinburgh University Press) [view pdf]
  Linda K. Hughes, Sarah Ruffing Robbins, and Andrew Taylor, with associate editors Heidi Hakimi-Hood and Adam Nemmers   

 167-221      Introduction: Italian Americans and Greek Americans
in Conversation
[view pdf]
Yiorgos Anagnostou, Yiorgos D. Kalogeras and Theodora Patrona

“Mediterranean Americans to Themselves” from Redirecting Ethnic Singularity: Italian Americans and Greek Americans in Conversation, edited by Yiorgos Anagnostou, Yiorgos D. Kalogeras and Theodora Patrona (Fordham University Press) [view pdf]
  Jim Cocola

223–234    Excerpt from James Theodore Holly: Black Nationalist and Religious Writings (CIDIHCA) [view pdf]
   Greg Robinson

235–275     Forward Translation: Introduction to The Specter of the Pandemic: Politics and Poetics of Cholera in Nineteenth-Century Literature (frommann-holzboog) [view pdf]
  Davina Hoell

     277–318        International Clientele” from Dressing Up: The Women Who Influenced French Fashion (MIT Press) [view pdf]
   Elizabeth Block        

      319–331        “In the News” from The Quickening of Albizu Campos: How Fenianism Galvanized the Last American Liberator (Ausubo Press) [view pdf]
   Aoife Rivera Serrano

       333–360     Introduction from The Beats in Mexico (Rutgers University Press) [view pdf]
   David Stephen Calonne

       361–613      Documenting the American Student Abroad: The Media Cultures of International Education (Rutgers University Press) [view pdf]
   Kelly Hankin

       615–654     Introduction from Forms of Migration: Global Perspectives on Im/migrant Art & Literature (Falschrum Books) [view pdf]
   Stefan Maneval and Jennifer A. Reimer
Forms of Memoir: Four Case Studies in Movement, Migration, and Transnational Life Writing
[view pdf]
   Ikram Hili and Jennifer A. Reimer


655–669   Reprise Editor’s Introduction
Americanist and Planetary Wormholes: The Insect and America in the World| Brian Russell Roberts

[view pdf] [download pdf]

701–706     “Poe’s Gold Bug from the Standpoint of an Entomologist” [view pdf]
 Ellison J. Smyth, Jr.

707–718        Chapter Ten of The More Known World  [view pdf]
Tiffany Tsao

719–735         Insects, War, Plastic Life[view pdf]
Renisa Mawani

737–770        “Insect Poetics: James Grainger, Personification, and Enlightenments Not Taken” [view pdf]
Monique Allewaert

about the Contributors  [view pdf]


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