CfP: The Spanish Civil War in its European and Global Contexts

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Call for Papers
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European History / Studies, Spanish and Portuguese History / Studies

The Spanish Civil War in its European and Global Contexts

Barcelona, 28-29 September 2023

Organising Committee: Robert Gerwarth and Miguel Alonso

The Spanish Civil War is one of the best investigated conflicts in modern history and a staple subject on history curricula around the world. Yet, like other civil wars, it remains somewhat disconnected from its European and global contexts.

To be sure, many existing studies have emphasized its transnational character as the conflict quickly became supercharged by foreign intervention and international volunteers on both sides of the conflict. Yet, few studies have investigated the Spanish Civil War in relation to other civil wars that occurred in this period Between 1917 and 1949, Europe arguably witnessed the highest density of civil wars in its modern history – from Russia to Finland, from Ireland to Spain and Greece and many other places in-between. How did these conflicts shape the civil war in Spain and how, in turn, did events in Spain impact on other places – both within Europe and further afield (such as Mexico or China)?  This conference will explore both the ‘place’ of the Spanish Civil War in European and global history and its connectivity through ideas, people, and practices of violence.

The organizers are now calling for paper proposals that speak to these themes.  The deadline for proposals (one page each, to be accompanied by a short CV) is 25 February 2023. The proposals can focus on different themes or individual / group trajectories We particularly welcome proposals that offer transnational and/or comparative perspectives. The proposals should be sent to the following email addresses: or

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