Book Chapters: Call for Participation from Researchers in the MENA Region

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Call for Papers
May 1, 2016
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Composition & Rhetoric, Educational Technology, Humanities, Languages, Linguistics

Dear Colleagues,

I hope my e-mail finds you well. After the successful completion of our first book entitled: “Teaching EFL Writing in the 21st Century Arab World: Realities and Challenges (, the editors are submitting the call for book chapters for their second book entitled: 
Assessing L2 Writing in the 21st Century Arab World: Revealing the Unknown”.

Call for Book Chapters

Assessing L2 Writing in the 21st Century Arab World: Revealing the Unknown



1st Editor

2nd Editor

Dr. Abdelhamid Ahmed (PhD),

Assistant Professor of Applied Linguistics/TESOL,

First-Year Seminar (UNIV 100) Coordinator,

Core Curriculum Program,

Qatar University, Qatar.



Dr. Hassan Abouabdelkader (PhD),

Professor of English

Coordinator of the English Program,

Ecole Nationales Supérieure des Arts et Métiers,

Moulay Ismail Univerity,

Meknès, Morocco.




Call for Chapters


  • Abstract Length: 100 words
  • Chapter Length: 8000 words
  • Author Biography: 100 words.  
  • Referencing Style: APA 6th edition


Arab Countries Required for Participation:


  1. Algeria
  2. Bahrain
  3. Egypt
  4. Iraq
  5. Jordan
  6. Kuwait
  7. Lebanon
  8. Libya
  9. Morocco
  10. Oman
  11. Palestine
  12. Qatar
  13. Saudi Arabia
  14. Sudan
  15. Syria
  16. Tunisia
  17. UAE
  18. Yemen


Assessment of L2 Writing is a challenge to most Arab teachers and students. L2 writing entails a wide range of skills that Arab students, at different educational stages, need to master throughout their course of study. These include cohesion, coherence, style of writing, clarity of writing, grammatical and lexical structures, punctuation, spelling, handwriting, revision of writing, assessing writing. This book focuses on assessing L2 writing at the university level.

Objective of the Book

The main objective of this book is to explore assessment of L2 writing theoretically and practically in different Arab world contexts at the university level. This book will shed light on how L2 writing is assessed at different Arab World Universities. This will pinpoint the different challenges that encounter the assessment of L2 writing in the Arab world which could provide some insights into how L2 writing can be better assessed by teachers of Arab students of different nationalities.

Target Audience

The target audience of this book will be professionals, practitioners, researchers, university professors and graduate students interested in assessing L2 writing. The book will help audience gain knowledge about assessment of L2 writing, assessed skills, challenges facing assessment, empirical research about L2 writing assessment in the different contexts of the Arab world.

Book Sections

  • Theory of Assessing L2 Writing
  • Research on Assessing L2 Writing: Quantitative, Qualitative or Mixed Methods
  • Assessment of L2 Writing Practices

Chapters Scope

The book chapters need to be either theoretical or empirical research. The book will consist of a minimum of ten chapters including the introduction and conclusion. Areas of exploration include, but not limited to, the following:

  1. Assessment of L2 Writing Practices
  2. Formative Assessment Practices of L2 Writing
  3. Summative Assessment Practices of L2 Writing
  4. Self-assessment of Writing
  5. Peer Assessment
  6. Teacher Assessment
  7. Multiple Assessment Practices
  8. Perceptions of L2 Writing Assessment
  9. Knowledge of L2 Writing Assessment
  10. Attitudes towards L2 Writing Assessment
  11. Teachers’ Beliefs about L2 Writing Assessment
  12. Technology & Assessment of L2 Writing 
  13. Factors Affecting L2 Writing Assessment
  14. Feedback on L2 Writing
  15. Other Issues related to L2 Writing Assessment.


  • The book proposal will be submitted to Palgrave Macmillan.
  • This publication is anticipated to be released in March 2017 – December 2017.

Important Dates

Book Activity

Responsibility of

Submission Deadline

Submission of chapter abstract

Chapter Contributor

1st May 2016

Review of abstracts and giving feedback


15th May 2016

Submission of abstracts to publisher (Palgrave Macmillan)


1st June 2016

Complete chapter submission to editors

Chapter Contributor

1st September 2016

Editors’ feedback on submitted chapters


1st November 2016

Submission of revised chapters to Palgrave Macmillan reviewers


1st December 2016

Addressing publisher’s feedback

Chapter Contributor

1st February 2017

Submission of complete edited book to publisher


1st April 2017

If you are working on a research paper or have already completed one, please send the abstract to me via e-mail:
Kindly find attached the detailed call for book chapter.
Looking forward to hearing from you
Best regards,
Dr. Abdelhamid Ahmed
Contact Info: 

Dr. Abdelahmid Ahmed (PhD),

First-Year Seminar Coordinator,

Core Curriculum Program,

Qatar University.



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