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A Special Issue of Sustainability (ISSN 2071-1050) "Smart Governance for Sustainable Cities" is now open for submission! Charalampos Alexopoulos Magdalena Ciesielska Gabriela Viale Pereira Beatriz Noriega Ortega This Special Issue of Sustainability is therefore specifically interested in developing and strengthening original research on the emerging concept of smart governance towards the development of sustainable cities. It seeks interdisciplinary contributions in the areas of public management, project management, governance, public administration, public-sector innovation, and citizen-oriented services, in connection with adjacent fields such as information systems, public policy, and public law. Topics covered by the Special Issue may include, but are not limited to: · State-of-the-art academic thinking about the implications of smart governance in the development of sustainable cities, as well as their relation to the UN SDGs at the local level. · Theoretical and empirical analyses of legal issues (data security and privacy) that may affect the adoption of smart governance practices, including recommendations on how to overcome them. · Theoretical and practical considerations regarding the diffusion and adoption of ICT in smart cities in economic, social, environmental and institutional dimensions. · Case studies on the drivers, barriers, and adoption mechanisms of smart governance practices and infrastructures in sustainable cities in all smart city domains (mobility, energy, buildings, health, etc.). · Theoretical and empirical analyses on both the positive outcomes and the possible failures or unintended consequences of smart governance at administrative levels. · Development of novel governance or conceptual models towards sustainable city policy and strategy design and implementation, as well as decision-making. · Historical and comparative accounts of the development of agile government. · Citizen engagement and participation approaches using disruptive technologies towards community smartification. · Architectures and solutions for smart governance tools using disruptive technologies that support the development of sustainable cities (e.g., AI-powered smart city services for smart governance and sustainability). #smartgovernance #sustainablecity #sustainability #smartcities #research

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