7th Urban Space and Social Life: Theory and Practice Conference: Life Course and the City

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Call for Papers
June 15, 2016 to June 17, 2016
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Social Sciences, Social Work, Urban Design and Planning, Public Health, Health and Health Care

Call for Papers and Spatial Design

7th Urban Space and Social Life: Theory and Practice Conference

(Some sessions will provide simultaneous translation in English and Chinese)

Theme: Life Course & the City

Deadline extended to April 30, 2016

Visit the conference website about the new developments, and submission details:



Date: June 15-17, 2016

Location: Sanya University, Sanya, Hainan, China



- Sanya University, Hainan, China;

- Institute of Life Course and Aging at University of Toronto, Canada;

- The Gerontological Society of America (GSA), USA;

- National Initiative for the Care of the Elderly (NICE), Canada; 

- AGE-WELL NCE Inc., Canada

- World Heritage Institute of Training and Research for Asia and the Pacific Region

  (WHTIRAP -- Shanghai);

- Department of Sociology, State University of New York College at Oneonta, New

  York, USA;

- Department of Social Research, Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology, Chinese

  Academy of Social Sciences, Beijing, China;

- International Association for China Planning, USA


Keynote Speakers:

- YU Yifan, Ph.D., Professor of Urban Planning, Tongji University; Consultant of Healthy City Program,

  Harvard University; Research Fellow of CREOPS, University of Paris-Sorbonne; Vice president of

  Shanghai Urban Planning Association;

- Lisa Curch, Sociology Department, SUNY Oneonta, New York, USA;

- Wilbur Iu, Solicitor Accredited; Mediator (General & Family), Accredited Family Mediation Supervisor

  Kwok, Ng & Chan, Solicitors & Notaries; Adjunct Assistant Professor of Law, Hong Kong Shue Yan

  University; Adjunct Assistant Professor, Faculty of Medicine, the Chinese University of Hong Kong;

  of Public Health and Primary Care, Hong Kong;

- Andrew Mead, the Chief Architect of the MTR Corporation, Hong Kong

- Sylvia Midgett, Chairperson, Hong Kong Gardening Society

- Dr. David Dai Lok Kwan, Chairperson, The Hong Kong Alzheimer's Disease Association (HKADA);

  Clinic Director, Healthcare for the Senior, Qualigenics



“How to Publish in GSA’s (Gerontological Society of America) Journals?”

Deborah Carr, Department of Sociology, Rutgers University, Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Gerontology: Social Sciences (2015-2018)


While 4C5M Studio’s 7th conference accepts papers on any topic that relates to urban space and social life, this year’s theme focuses on life course and aging in the context of built environment in both urban and rural settings.  World Health Organization (WHO) has been advocating for global age-friendly cities since 2007.  This conference welcomes papers to examine how cities in both developing and developed world fair in this unprecedented challenge.  We encourage multi- and inter-disciplinary approaches to study life course and aging since aging does not start at 60 or 65.  Life Course & the City aims at investigating the strong relationship between the quality of life for all ages and the quality of the city.


Why Hainan Island?  As always, our conference chooses a venue/city that suits the theme best.  Sanya is a beautiful city in Hainan Island.  It is famous for its tropical climate and natural environment with spectacular sandy beaches.  The island attracts international tourists and entertains “snow geese” in colder areas of China who spend the winter in this Hawaii like island.  An exploratory tour of the city and facilities related to older population will be included in the conference.


Please help forward the Call for Papers to any department, faculty member, students, and friend who may find this of interest.  Send any question to Prof. Ho Hon Leung at hohon.leung@oneonta.edu or urbanspace2016@4c5mstudio.org


Please submit the name (s) of the author(s), affiliation, title with an abstract or a panel proposal abstract with its papers’ abstracts to urbanspace2016@4c5mstudio.org by April 11, 2016.  All abstracts and proposals should be within 200 words.  Participants are welcome to form their own panel focusing on a specific topic.  The requirements for the panel abstract are the same for regular paper’s abstract.  A short 2,000 words paper should be submitted to urbanspace2016@4c5mstudio.org before May 31, 2016, should the authors want their proceedings published by 4C5M Studio.  The abstracts and proceedings will be indexed by EBSCO, and will also be submitted to other relevant databases.  Please direct any question to urbanspace2016@4c5mstudio.org or to Prof. Ho Hon Leung at hohon.leung@oneonta.edu.


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**The format of an abstract should be in Times New Roman, pt 12. (No special layout and symbols.  Just simple text please).  The elements in the abstract are in the following order and aligned to the left:


Author(s):  use an “ * ” to indicate the presenter


Title of the paper

200 words abstract

4 keywords


Contact Info: 

Please help forward the Call for Papers to any department, faculty member, students, and friend who may find this of interest.  Send any question to Prof. Ho Hon Leung at hohon.leung@oneonta.edu or urbanspace2016@4c5mstudio.org