Call for Participants: Research Study on R&R Letters

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Call for Volunteers
May 31, 2016
United States
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Humanities, Literature, Philosophy, Psychology, Sociology

I am Stephen Neaderhiser, PhD, a faculty member in the English Department at Kent State University at Stark. I am conducting a research study on “manuscript resubmission letters”: the letters academics write when they submit a revised manuscript to a journal that has given them an “R&R” (“Revise and Resubmit”) decision for a previous version of that manuscript. I am interested in identifying and analyzing the multidisciplinary patterns and rhetorical moves present in such resubmission letters, so that this genre can be better understood by both new and experienced members of academia who are actively involved in publishing research.

If you have ever resubmitted an article to a journal as an “R&R”, I invite you to share the letter you wrote to accompany that resubmission. I am only asking for one letter per participant; it can be a recent letter or an older one from a past resubmission. Ideally, the letter you provide would represent what you believe an “R&R” resubmission letter should look like.

You can participate by uploading your resubmission letter through the form linked below. At that link, you can read the study’s IRB-approved informed consent statement, and below that will be a button allowing you to easily browse your computer and upload your “R&R” resubmission letter. There are also five brief (and optional) questions. Your participation should only take a 5 minutes of your time and is entirely voluntary. Any information that would reveal your identity will be kept confidential.

You can access the form at:

Thank you for your time, and if you have any questions regarding participating in this study, please contact me at

Stephen Neaderhiser

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Stephen Neaderhiser
Assistant Professor of English
Kent State University at Stark

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