Call for Proposals: History of Science Society @ 100

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December 1, 2022 to February 28, 2023
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History of Science, Medicine, and Technology, Oral History

2024 will mark the 100th anniversary of the founding of the History of Science Society. To mark the occasion, HSS is looking to organize and co-sponsor programming that looks at the history of science as a field and/or HSS over the past century and asks, “Where have we been? Where are we now? Where do we want to be?”

As part of our two year-long “centenary celebration,” which kicked off at the annual meeting in Chicago in 2022 and culminate at the annual meeting in Merida in 2024, we are launching a podcast in collaboration with the Consortium for the History of Science, Technology, and Medicine. The podcast will tentatively launch in mid-2023.

The HSS Centennial Committee, together with the Consortium, is seeking pitches for 10-20 minute podcast episodes that examine the history of the field of history of science and/or the history of HSS as an organization.

We are also seeking proposals for in-person and online events (including talks, workshops, film screenings, trivia nights - you name it!), written series, social media series, or anything you can think of that looks at the history of the history of science.

Due dates for proposals are Jan 20, 2023

Use this link for more information and to propose a podcast episode:

Use this link for more information and to propose an event:


The Centennial Committee consists of:

Kathleen Sheppard, Missouri S&T

Babak Ashrafi, CHSTM

Ben Gross, Linda Hall Library

Sarah Pickman, Yale University

Sarah Qidwai, University of Regensburg

Matthew Stanley, NYU

Matthew Shindell, Smithsonian Institution

Gwen Kay, SUNY Oswego

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Kathleen Sheppard

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