Psychology and the Text

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Call for Papers
February 5, 2018
United States
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German History / Studies

CfP: Psychology and the Text

42nd Annual Conference of the German Studies Association

September 27-30, 2018 in Pittsburgh, PA


This panel addresses new approaches to German studies that utilize contemporary theories of psychology and cognitive theory. The growth and influence of cognitive theories in literature studies is a reflection of the significant contributions that our colleagues in other fields have made towards our understanding of the human mind. Yet whereas cognitive models have expanded our comprehension of a reader’s interaction with the text, there have been fewer applications of psychology to the texts themselves, their structures, their machinery, or to their narrative voices.  

Invited are any approaches that seek to adapt contemporary theories from psychiatry, psychology, phenomenological psychology, psychoanalysis, or neuroscientific cognitive models to a reading of cultural artifacts (literature, film, graphic novels, art, etc.). Of particular, but not exclusive interest are submissions that focus on the text itself, and on its workings, structures, voice(s), inception, and the like.

Please submit any questions and your abstract (250 words) by February 5, 2018 to Charles Vannette (

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