Webinar: Jeffrey Ryan: “Finding Their Roots: Exploring the Childhood Landscapes of Our Conservation Giants”

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December 1, 2022
North Carolina, United States
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American History / Studies, Environmental History / Studies, Geography, Popular Culture Studies

Join us for a new webinar in the "Conversations in Forest History" series with host Jamie Lewis of the Forest History Society. His guest on Dec. 1 will be author Jeffrey Ryan.

Many of us have come to know those most responsible for America’s public lands through their well-documented accomplishments and writings. But what led people like Aldo Leopold, Benton MacKaye, Ernest Oberholtzer, and Howard Zahniser to become advocates for our parks, forests, and wilderness areas? While researching his latest book, author Jeffrey Ryan visited the birthplaces and other critical landscapes of these and other early conservationists to better understand how “nature” shaped their lives and careers. Ryan will share images from his travels as well as quotes from the subjects themselves about how their early connections with nature helped set them on the path to becoming fervent defenders of our parks, forests, and wilderness areas.   

Maine-based author, historian, and speaker Jeffrey Ryan has a passion for exploring the outdoors on foot and along the dusty paths of history. His travels over thousands of miles on both America’s most famous and lesser-known trails and his interest in the history of America’s conservation movement have inspired more than half a dozen books. His latest, This Land Was Saved for You and Me, traces the history of the development and management of America’s public parks, national forests, and wilderness areas over the last 150 years.

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James Lewis