Good Start:Supporting Social and Emotional Competences of Pre-School Children

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June 14, 2016
Czech Republic
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Childhood and Education, Educational Technology, Psychology, Social Sciences, Sociology

Prague based educational NGO, Schola Empirica, is pleased to annouce an international conference organized within the Erasmus + Programme of the European Union. The conference will focus on the policies of pre-school education in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and UK, methods to support social and emotional development of pre-school children and innovative inclusive practicies for children from socially disadvantaged or culturally different environments.

THE KEY-NOTE SPEAKER: Prof. Judy Hutchings – Director of the Centre for Evidence Based Early Intervention (CEBEI) research team at Bangor University, Wales. Prof. Hutchings has 40 years of experience as a clinical child psychologist, has published widely and lectured internationally on her work. She has worked on evaluations of parenting programmes in several countries and works with the World Health Organisation, Oxford and Cape Town Universities, developing and evaluating evidence-informed parenting programmes for low- and middle-income countries. 

CONFERENCE SPEAKERS: Mojca Williams – Tiny Signers, UK Miroslav Sklenka – Wide Open School, Slovakia Zora Syslová – Pedagogical Faculty of Masaryk University, Czech Republic and Egle Havrdová – Schola Empirica, Czech Republic 

Applications for Participation: The applications are welcome from professors, students, teachers, policy makers, professionals in Early Child Education and Care (ECEC), and other interested participants. 

Funding: Schola Empirica is able to provide each participant up to 200 EUR contribution towards travel expenses to/from Prague and two nighs accommodation in Prague. We can offer funding for 70 participants. 

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SCHOLA EMPIRICA (till January 2014 Center for Public Policy; sdruz010.html) is independent, non-governmental, non-political organization operating since 2003.

Trough various educational and training projects we aim at increasing the quality of Czech public policy, improving social climate and civil coexistence.

SCHOLA EMPIRICA promotes independent platform for the exchange of opinions and experiences between local and international experts in different fields of applied social sciences. The organization is active in research on the current social issues, definition and transfer of the best practices in policy design and implementation to the Czech environment.

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