Call for Papers: The American Weil Society: The Need For Roots: Politics, Ethics, and Spirituality Against Naziism

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Call for Papers
January 25, 2023
Colorado, United States
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Religious Studies and Theology, Philosophy

Eighty years ago, in the spring of 1943, Simone Weil’s health began to fail. Living in London and working towards the liberation of France from both Vichy rule and Nazi occupation, Weil was tasked by the Free French Forces in London with writing a dossier with advice for the future De Gaulle regime about how to deal with the trades unions. Not content to just write a policy paper, Weil wrote a “second magnum opus” instead. L’Enracinement (The Need for Roots) is a wide-ranging book that brings together political theory, ethical philosophy, and mystical theology, with a genealogical history of French political centralization, colonialism, and culture. With a new English translation of this rich work being published in 2023 the time is ripe for re-reading and re-evaluation of The Need for Roots. 

The Executive Committee of The American Weil Society and the Department of Political Science at CU Boulder invite proposals for presentations at the 2023 Annual Colloquy on The Need for Roots. Please submit anonymous Abstracts of 250-500 words and a separate short bio by Wednesday, January 25 to

The theme of the conference is intentionally broad to accommodate a wide variety of topics including but not limited to:

  • The Role of the State
  • Work and Spirituality
  • Trade Unionism
  • Weil’s Audience
  • Magnum Opuses
  • Roots and Rootedness
  • The Needs of the Soul
  • French Centralism
  • Genealogies and Prolegomenon
  • Weil in London
  • L'Enracinement & other writings
  • The French Resistance
  • Radio & Authority
  • Duty, Obligation, and Right
  • French Colonialism
  • Anti-fascism
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