FEATURED JOB: History of Christianity / Christian Art in Religious Studies - Niagara University

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Art, Art History & Visual Studies, Religious Studies and Theology

Niagara University is seeking candidates for a full-time tenure-track position in Religious Studies.  Research and teaching interests should be in the area of Christian History, with a specialization in the History of Christian Art, American Catholic History, Global Catholicism, History of Catholicism, Church and Culture or similar fields.  The successful candidate will demonstrate their ability to capably teach undergraduate students introductory courses in Religious Studies as well as upper-level courses in specialized areas as mentioned.  Applications will be accepted through January 2023 for a start date of September 2023.  Niagara University was founded in 1856 by the Catholic Vincentian Fathers, whose mission emphasizes practical training and excellence in the service of society.  NU's traditional stone buildings and leafy green campus sit on Monteagle Ridge, overlooking the Niagara River Gorge just three miles north of the majestic falls.  Immediately adjacent to Canada, NU's bi-national culture is built in close proximity to major manufacturing and business centers in Buffalo and Toronto, attracting from both countries significant populations of students and faculty.

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Candidates should submit the following documents to the Niagara University Human Resources Job Application page at:  www.niagara.edu/job-openings