New Episodes of How to Read Chinese Videos & Podcast | The Sounds of the Tang Poetry: Transcultural Performance

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November 15, 2022 to November 15, 2023
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Chinese History / Studies, Languages, Linguistics, Literature, Music and Music History

Dear fellows,

The Advanced Institute for Global Chinese Studies would like to invite you to the 4 new episodes of "How to Read Chinese Poetry" series on transcultural performance of Tang poetry. You may access to the podcast on Apple PodcastSpotifyAnchor, and Ximalaya, or watch the videos on our YouTube channel.

Contents of Topic 13
The Sounds of the Tang Poetry: Transcultural Performance
Episode 40     From Zhiyin to Yunxue: The Rise of Chinese Rhyme Studies in Chinese and English by Prof Jonathan Stalling
Episode 41     From Kuyin to Yinsong: Constructing and Reciting Regulated Verse (in English!) by Prof Jonathan Stalling
Episode 42     Li Bai in Nashville: Transforming Tang Poems into American Songs by Dr Andrew Merritt
Episode 43     Qin Poetry and Song: Tang Poetry and Guqin Music

How to Read Chinese Poetry Podcast Program consists of 52 episodes, covering the major poetic genres developed from antiquity to the modern era. A team of leading experts guides listeners to explore the rich heritage of Chinese poetry, poem by poem, genre by genre, and dynasty by dynasty. Each episode provides a deep but pleasurable discussion of one or more famous poems and their cultural milieu. Special efforts will be made to demonstrate how the poems work in the original language to create a fascinating yet untranslatable kind of poetic beauty. Poems are read aloud in English and Mandarin, and for Tang and Song poetry in Cantonese as well, to the background of classical Chinese qin music. Chinese texts, English translations and romanizations, and brief notes are provided at

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