Arab-American Culture in the United States

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Call for Papers
April 30, 2016
Indiana, United States
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American History / Studies, Arabic History / Studies, Ethnic History / Studies, Immigration & Migration History / Studies, Middle East History / Studies

The Midwest Popular Culture Association / American Culture Association is a regional branch of the Popular Culture Association / American Culture Association.   It holds an annual conference in a major Midwestern City.  This year, the conference will be held from 6-9 October 2016 in Chicago, IL (or, specifically, Rosemont, a suburb of Chicago).  This conference is organized according to principal Areas of Popular Culture in the United States, including that of the Middle East and North Africa.  As the Chair of the Middle Eastern Culture Area, I am inviting the submission of abstracts for a panel specifically addressing "Arab-American Culture in the United States."  

Topics can include--but are certainly not limited to--any historical or contemporary expressions of identity via cuisine, literature, media, or museum displays.  Case studies of Arab-American Culture in the United States are also very welcome.  

Please upload a 250 word abstract on any aspect of culture treating "Arab-Amercian Culture in the United States" to the Middle Eastern Culture area, You should include your name, affiliation, and e-mail address on your abstract.

There are graduate student travel grants available:

Please indicate in the abstract whether your presentation requires an LCD Projector.

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Stacy E. Holden, Purdue University

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